Saturday, December 3, 2011

Is Newt Gingrich The Real Deal Or A False-Flag Operative Using Dissatisfaction With Government To Gratify His Lust For Power?

Although Herman Cain was basically driven from the 2012 presidential race because of several bimbo eruptions, another candidate who's had his own bimbo eruptions in the past is now being touted as the Republican "Flavor of the Quarter". Contract With America retread Newt Gingrich is now being portrayed as the new Republican savior as the party brain trust continues it's campaign to find an alternate to Mitt Romney.

But Gingrich isn't selling well with Middle America. In fact, many Middle Americans absolutely loathe this man. On some discussion boards, some people have pledged to vote for Obama out of spite to punish the Republican Party should Gingrich get the nomination. Gingrich alienates people with his cutthroat, cold-blooded outlook towards life; his solution to unemployment is to tell people to "take a shower and get a job", as he imperiously barked to one OWS protester. Then there was Gingrich's truly grotesque suggestion that children be hired to work as janitors in schools; while the idea itself is not bad, his suggested application clashes with child labor laws originally passed not only to protect children against exploitation, but to protect adult workers against having their jobs devalued by child labor. Worse yet, Gingrich stands by those remarks; at least Rick Perry, for all his faults, will back down when he finds out that an idea simply won't sell.

John McManus of the John Birch Society recently produced a 33-minute video in which he questions whether or not Newt Gingrich is the real deal. Based on how easily Gingrich caved in on the government shutdown when he was in Congress, McManus believes Gingrich is merely using dissatisfaction with government as a springboard to gratify his presidential ambitions. He finds it strange that after more than a decade, Gingrich has suddenly crawled out of the woodwork to seek the presidency:

It is my conclusion that Newt Gingrich is a false-flag operative who will do and say anything to get elected president. The only real candidates in the Republican Presidential race who offer a genuine all-inclusive platform are Ron Paul and Mitt Romney. All the others are either window-dressing or angling for cabinet posts in a future Republican administration. Unfortunately, the public's slow to get the message; a new Des Moines Register poll shows Gingrich leading with 25 percent, Ron Paul with 18 percent, and Mitt Romney with 16 percent.

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