Monday, July 11, 2011

Utah State Rep. Carl Wimmer Announces Intent To Run For Utah's Fourth U.S. House Seat; Wimmer A Proven Constitutional Conservative

Rep. Carl Wimmer
True conservatives got a big shot in the arm when Utah State Rep. Carl Wimmer (R-Herriman) announced his intention to run for Utah's new Fourth Congressional District seat, whose boundaries have yet to be determined. This is not a crap shoot on his part; the U.S. Constitution merely requires a House member to be a resident of the state represented, and not necessarily a resident of the actual district being represented. This question came up during Jason Chaffetz' first campaign and was resolved authoritatively by the voters.

Over two dozen proposed Congressional redistricting maps have already been posted on the Redistrict Utah website:

Wimmer has actually been raising money for months. Encouraged by the fact that he's raised $100,000 so far, he decided to take the first formal step by creating a campaign committee. But he won’t make a final announcement until September or October, when redistricting is finished. KSL news video embedded below:

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Carl Wimmer's credentials as a constitutional conservative are unimpeachable. Since being first elected to the legislature from District 52 in 2006, he has most notably pushed legislation restricting abortion, expanding gun rights and trying to assert state sovereignty against the federal government. He is not found on the list of 63 Utah lawmakers who have endorsed Mitt Romney, which indicates he may prefer a more conservative standard-bearer such as Sarah Palin, Ron Paul, or Michelle Bachmann. Special interest ratings:

-- Choice For Education: A perfect 100 percent score for the 2011 session.
-- Utah Taxpayers Association: A perfect 100 percent for the 2011 session.
-- UFIRE Immigration: A perfect A+ for the 2011 session. Voted against HB116.
-- Salt Lake Tribune Combined Scorecard: Wimmer topped the list with a 90.6 rating (the higher the number, the more conservative the lawmaker)
-- UEA (Teachers Union): A score of 17 percent for the 2011 session. Low scores from teachers unions are common and desirable for conservatives.
-- Sierra Club: A score of 25 percent. While the Sierra Club is not as extreme as PETA, this shows that Carl Wimmer won't sacrifice jobs to save prairie dogs.

Wimmer already has his website up and running at On the issues page, he spells out his positions succinctly and without equivocation. Unlike the neocons who hijacked the Republican Party and forced John McCain on us in 2008, Carl Wimmer opposes corporate welfare and supports tort reform. He will also work to reduce the federal role in education; NCLB forced many school districts to hire more administrators to administer the program, robbing the classrooms of necessary experience. He will continue to fervently oppose any and all efforts to give amnesty to illegal immigrants. You can also visit Wimmer's VoteSmart page.

Possible competition mentioned in a December 21st, 2010 KSL story includes Rep. David Clark (R-Santa Clara), Sen. Margaret Dayton R-Orem), and Morgan Philpot, who narrowly lost this year's 2nd District race to Congressman Jim Matheson. Philpot is definitely interested in another Congressional run, but awaits the outcome of redistricting before committing. Wimmer thinks it's unlikely another conservative Republican will run against him, though.

Carl Wimmer is exactly who we need in Congress. Too bad we can't clone him.


Anonymous said...

My main trouble with Carl is he is a coward hiding behind the flag. He was a young man on 9/11/2001 and yet avoided serving. Yellow is as yellow does. Let's get a patriot rather than a poser. Carl's words are just cover for his extreme cowardice.

Deseret Dawg said...

Bogus. Since there is no draft, there's no requirement to serve in the military. Furthermore, since our military is used primarily for nation-building, peacekeeping, and wiping babies' bottoms all over the world instead of defending our country, military service isn't quite as honorable of a vocation as it once was, although the bulk of our troops do serve honorably notwithstanding.

Anonymous said...

Well not bogus to me. But I will give you some other reasons. They guy rails against government yet he has always sucked at the government teat for his pay. The one time he tried to actually compete in the private sector he was a complete failure. Do we really want a guy who is not competent to compete in the private sector? Granted, the Chinese are delighted when we elect guys that are uneducated and too incompetent to compete.