Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thomas Morin Arrested In Cottonwood Heights For Child Endangerment And Drug Possession After His Kids Turn Him In For One Ounce Of Pot

The story went out over the wire under the heading of "Kids Turn In Dad Over Pot". It gave very few details, merely reporting that a man's two kids found an ounce of pot in their dad's home, called the police and turned him in. The man is now facing two third-degree felony charges of child endangerment and one class B misdemeanor accusing him of possession of a controlled substance. Absolutely no other details were given.

So naturally, a bunch of us immediately thought the two kids were snitches. I mean one ounce? C'mon, that's not exactly dealer quantities. Fortunately, I found another source providing many more details, and when you read them, you'll no longer consider the two teens to be snitches. The expanded story was published by the Daily Mail, which includes a video from KSTU Channel 13. It turns out that Thomas Morin, the kids' father, is a chronic pot smoker and a drunk, and every time his kids came over for a visit, they smelled marijuana smoke. So they decided to force the issue.

Morin, who is reportedly separated from his wife, had a scheduled visit with the children on Monday July 4th, 2011. When the teenagers, 15 and 13 respectively, arrived, they smelled burning marijuana once again. So they called the cops. When Sgt. Scott Peck arrived, the girl went inside her home and retrieved a small bag of drugs, and continued talking with him in front of the residence. As they were talking, Morin sent her a text message asking her to come back inside. The officers had her send a reply to ask him to come outside. When Morin did, he was arrested. KSTU news video embedded below:


Morin is now charged with child endangerment and possession of marijuana. Knowing these additional facts, not only do I think the kids were justified in turning their father in, but I commend them for doing so. This creep had neither the decency nor the discipline to refrain from smoking dope in front of his kids. He decided marijuana was more important than family. He deserves whatever the system dispenses to him, although I would offer him one opportunity to escape the felony collar by taking a drug/alcohol cessation program at his own expense. Upon successful completion of the program, I would drop the felony charges to preserve his employability.

What kind of creep would smoke dope in front of his kids?


Anonymous said...

I don't know who your "source" was, but this person did not have their facts straight. What you posted were lies. This is slander.

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Where in your source's story does it say he smoked in front of his kids? The Globe and Mail is your source? What a joke. That's London's version of The Enquirer. You are quite the journalist. I think if this guy loses his job and his employer mentions this story as part of their reasoning, a defamation lawsuit will surely follow.