Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Think Mitt Romney's Not A Real Conservative? 63 Utah Republican Lawmakers Have Endorsed Him

Mitt Romney's conservative credentials have come under consistent attack from a number of sources, most notably the Tea Party. Former Alaska U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller has vowed to stop Romney from getting nominated, firing up the Restoring Liberty PAC to promote his message. Barack Obama, Al Gore, and Bill Clinton have all praised Romney for his moderate approach, not because they want to see him get elected, but to sucker the Tea Party into diverting their opposition from Obama to Romney. They've read the polls; they know that Romney not only is the strongest Republican candidate, but in head-to-head pairings vs. Obama, is the only one who could beat Obama right now.

Obviously, Mitt Romney is not as conservative as Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, or Ron Paul. But he's conservative enough to have secured endorsements from 63 Republican lawmakers in one of the reddest states in the Union -- Utah. The list reads like a veritable Who's Who of Utah Republicans. Even some who are not on the list, like Governor Gary Herbert, are favorably disposed towards Romney; the Guv simply hasn't chosen to make a decision yet. The full list was originally published by the Romney campaign as part of a press release and is re-published towards the end of this post. The list encompasses both sides of Utah's contentious HB116 debate, including opponents like Reps. Stephen Sandstrom and Chris Herrod, as well as supporters like Sen. Curt Bramble and Attorney General Mark Shurtleff. Conspicuous by their absence is Rep. Carl Wimmer and House Speaker Becky Lockhart. Lockhart stirred up a hornet's nest when she bitterly attacked Utah's Congressional delegation for failing to push for the federal waiver necessary to make the guest worker provision of HB116 legal. Utah's Congressional delegation promptly replied and rebutted Lockhart's accusations.

In the final analysis, if 63 Utah Republican lawmakers endorse Mitt Romney, then he must be conservative enough. He doesn't have to be an ideologue; in fact, the recurring polls show that the ideologues have higher negative ratings than Romney. Getting the nomination is only half the battle; winning the election is the grand prize. We cannot tolerate four more years of Barack Obama.

Besides, Romney can select someone like Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann to bring the Tea Partiers on board. Palin's energy and resiliency would spur the ticket to victory. Ron Paul is also a possibility. Jon Huntsman? He'd make a good Secretary of State in a Romney-Palin Administration.

Here's the list of 63 lawmakers:

• Senator Orrin Hatch
• Congressman Jason Chaffetz
• Congressman Rob Bishop
• Lieutenant Governor Greg Bell
• Attorney General Mark Shurtleff
• State Senate President Michael G. Waddoups
• State Senate Majority Leader Scott K. Jenkins
• State Senate Majority Whip Wayne L. Niederhauser
• State Senate Assistant Majority Whip Peter C. Knudson
• State Senator J. Stuart Adams
• State Senator Curtis S. Bramble
• State Senator Allen M. Christensen
• State Senator Margaret Dayton
• State Senator Lyle W. Hillyard
• State Senator David P. Hinkins
• State Senator Daniel R. Liljenquist
• State Senator Ralph Okerlund
• State Senator Aaron Osmond
• State Senator Jerry W. Stevenson
• State Senator Daniel W. Thatcher
• State Senator John L. Valentine
• House Majority Leader Brad L. Dee
• Representative Johnny Anderson
• Representative Roger E. Barrus
• Representative Jim Bird
• Representative Derek E. Brown
• Representative Melvin R. Brown
• Representative LaVar Christensen
• Representative Fred C. Cox
• Representative Bradley M. Daw
• Representative Jack R. Draxler
• Representative Rebecca P. Edwards
• Representative Steve Eliason
• Representative Julie Fisher
• Representative Gage Froerer
• Representative Brad J. Galvez
• Representative Francis D. Gibson
• Representative Richard A. Greenwood
• Representative Keith Grover
• Representative Stephen G. Handy
• Representative Wayne A. Harper
• Representative Christopher N. Herrod
• Representative Don L. Ipson
• Representative Ken Ivory
• Representative Todd E. Kiser
• Representative Bradley G. Last
• Representative Kay L. McIff
• Representative Michael T. Morley
• Representative Merlynn T. Newbold
• Representative Jim Nielson
• Representative Michael E. Noel
• Representative Patrick Painter
• Representative Lee B. Perry
• Representative Jeremy A. Peterson
• Representative Val L. Peterson
• Representative Dixon M. Pitcher
• Representative Paul Ray
• Representative Holly J. Richardson
• Representative Douglas Sagers
• Representative Stephen E. Sandstrom
• Representative Dean Sanpei
• Representative R. Curt Webb
• Representative Brad R. Wilson

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