Thursday, July 14, 2011

Progressive Hate Blogger Brendan Beery Publishes Blood Libel Against Michelle Bachmann's Husband, Accuses Dr. Marcus Bachmann Of Being A Closet Pedophile

Rarely has the raw vitriolic hatred towards America nurtured by progressives ever been more explicitly expressed than in a post entitled "Michele Bachmann Exposes 23 Minors to Possible Pedophile", published by Brendan T. Beery. I accidentally discovered this post while researching an article about a possible Romney-Bachmann presidential ticket published by McKay Coppins on The Daily Beast.

Beery tries to distort and misrepresent Michelle Bachmann's belief system, and weaponize it against her. He states that "if Bachmann really believes what she claims to believe [regarding homosexuality and pedophilia], then her conduct in exposing 23 minors to whatever risks her home might have posed to those minors raises many uncomfortable questions". Beery claims that Michelle Bachmann believes homosexuality and pedophilia to be conceptually inseparable; although both are emotional disabilities, each is a different manifestation. Homosexuals, attracted to same-sex adults, do not pose the same threat to society as pedophiles, who are attracted to pre-pubescent children of both sexes. Thus, distorting Michelle Bachmann's own record and using slippery-slope tactics, Beery tries to build a case that her husband, Dr. Marcus Bachmann, is a closet pedophile.

This is further echoed in one of Beery's conclusions published at the end of his post:

-- Michele Bachmann nonetheless exposed TWENTY THREE MINORS to a man she must have at least suspected of being homosexual, which, under her belief system, also rendered her husband a possible pedophile.

Beery does technically cover his ass by using the word "possible"; after all, he is a lawyer, so it might be questionable whether or not a defamation of character suit against Beery would succeed. Beery also tries to build further suspicion by questioning why all of Michelle Bachmann's 23 foster children were girls, and asks why she won't identify them publicly. So once again, we have a progressive who wants to use innocent children as pawns for political warfare after the same manner that Tim McVeigh was willing to blow up innocent babies to take down the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City.

This shows the evil incarnate which lies at the heart of the progressive movement in the United States. These people at the core utterly hate America and everything it stands for. While not all progressives hate America, the most prominent ones, such as Rocky Anderson, Tim DeChristopher, Chris Matthews, and Laurence O'Donnell, most certainly do. They will destroy anything and anyone to advance their cause.

Whether Mitt Romney and Michelle Bachmann should tag up as a presidential ticket is another matter. On the surface, such a combo might seem logical; both dominate the current batch of polls. It would seem to unite corporate conservatives with Tea Party conservatives. But would Michelle Bachmann be the best choice for Romney? While Bachmann is an honorable lady who has served her constituency well since being in Congress, she not only does not evoke much genuine passion, but she tends to obsess with abortion and homosexuality at a time when we have a $14 trillion national debt, states and municipalities going broke, our military all over the world engaged in nation-building, peacekeeping, and wiping babies' bottoms instead of defending the country, at least twelve million illegal immigrants in the United States, and a de facto unemployment rate of 20 percent (includes those who have given up looking for work and so are not reflected in the official de juro stats).

Mitt Romney will not be best served by a South Jordan-type soccer mom on the ticket. Instead, he needs a warrior princess who will effectively complement his plain-vanilla persona. And no one fits the bill better than Sarah Palin; no one lights up a scoreboard quite like Palin. Palin almost carried John McCain single-handledly to victory in 2008; she could succeed in 2012. Palin has taken the worst that people can throw at her and has come out smelling like a rose. And while Palin isn't quite the constitutional conservative that Ron Paul is, she's certainly more conservative than Romney. That could satisfy the Tea Party, without whom the Republicans cannot win in 2012.


Anonymous said...

Are you saying he doesn't strike you as homosexual? And are you denying the link between homosexuality and pedophilia?

Patricia Cooper said...

What is it about Brendan Beery that causes you to say he hates America? Do you believe that everyone who is not a Republican hates America?

Anonymous said...

Baggers are the only "Real Americans". Sarah Palin told them so. Therefore anyone who disagrees with the Baggers "hates America".

Pat Cooper said...

Gee, I wonder why I get all choked up and teary-eyed when I hear The Star Spangled Banner, America The Beautiful, and all the other U.S. patriotic songs?

Anonymous said...

"Beery tries to build a case that her husband, Dr. [sic] Marcus Bachmann, is a closet pedophile."

Congratulations, teabagger. You fail irony forever.

Also, McVeigh? Seriously? What, do you have a one-per-post limit on wildly inappropriate references to Nazis and/or anti-Semitism? If so, congratulations on filling it before you even got past the title.

Steve said...

What a load of crap this is! How dumb must TeaPublicans be that they infuse Nazis, hate and the claim that people are unAmerican when they don't agree with what's being said? The level of idiocy in this post and on this right-wing nutbag site are astounding! More hate, more divisiveness and more ignorance.

Anonymous said...

It is fairly clear this blogger hates American Values. Because of this he needs to define people as un-american much as this clearly gay guy "protests too much". The blogger would do so well with his hate and ignorance in Iran.

Anonymous said...

I'd really like to know why the blogger feels that same-sex attraction is an "emotional disability"? Every person I've ever known who has an "emotional disability" is a Mormon heterosexual.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if Marcus Bachmann is a pedophile, but every single gay person who has ever seen him--just for a moment on television--has immediately told me that there is no doubt he is gay. Maybe that is why Michelle is so frustrated? Deep down she probably knows this is true, and she is just probably sexually frustrated.