Friday, June 3, 2011

Woman's Confrontation With TSA At Sky Harbor Airport In Phoenix May Have Been Provoked Or Staged By Her Son, Who Was Videoing The Event

A video of a May 28th, 2011 confrontation between a woman and TSA agents at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix has gone viral on YouTube. It has also been picked up by both The Blaze and Gateway Pundit and presented as a supposed "outrage". However, there are indications it may have been staged by the woman's son, who has been revealed by the Phoenix New Times to be a "9-11 Truther", among other things. Gather is also a bit skeptical of the woman's claims.

During a routine security patdown, the woman claims the TSA officer grabbed her breast, after which she chimps out, repeatedly demanding a police officer. Her son is subsequently reproved by TSA officers for recording the spectacle. Video embedded below:

However, one commenter to the first New Times story alerted us that there may be more than meets the eye. The person wrote "If you look at the kid's you tube video channel, this is his second TSA video in 6 months. He also has videos of him holding signs above the freeway claiming 9/11 was an inside job".

9-11 an inside job? That's a red flag marking a virulent conspiracy theorist, someone who is anti-government just for the sake of being anti-government. In their second story, the New Times reported that the woman's son seems to have an obsession for confronting TSA officials and posting it on Youtube. This information caused me to review the video again, and I noticed the following:

-- The video does not include the actual screening; instead, it begins after the screening has taken place. Why didn't her son video both the screening AND the aftermath if it was so "outrageous"? Her son did provide an explanation in this AOL interview, claiming that his camera phone had been stashed, and by the time he retrieved it, the screening itself was finished.

-- The woman's reaction is completely over the top for a mature adult. I've seen videos of six-year-old and nine-year-old kids getting patted down by TSA agents, and they didn't chimp out nearly as much as this ostensibly mature adult woman. One commenter to Gateway Pundit did suggest that the woman's extreme reaction may have attributable to the possibility that she was raped at some time in her life, and that TSA patdowns force victims of sexual abuse to relive those memories and feelings of violation.

TSA posted their response on their blog:

TSA takes all allegations of improper screening seriously and investigates each claim to the fullest. After reviewing this passenger’s time at the checkpoint, we found that our security officers acted properly and neither the CCTV footage nor this YouTube video support any of the allegations levied. Real violations of our protocols are worth every ounce of our energy to investigate, but this alleged incident does not meet that threshold.

Analysis: I don't think the woman herself deliberately staged the confrontation. Instead, I believe her son, hungry for attention and hits on his YouTube channel, provoked her into reacting so irrationally by scaring her to death with TSA horror stories before she went through the checkpoint. Then when she predictably chimped out, Video Boy got his movie. There are enough REAL confrontations between TSA and the public that we don't need attention whores staging or provoking fake confrontations.

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Anonymous said...

The article states that because he is a 9-11 truther he is anti government. This is BS. Does that mean that ALL the scientist, specialist, and any professional that offered any EVIDENCE to the contrary of any of the governments reports is anti government? I myself will not fly nor will my family because of the blatant disregard of rights and outright sexual and mental abuse. Am I wrong for not wanting a stranger touching myself, my wife, or my children? Or have NAKED body scan pics? Whether or not this was "staged" I can't say, However it still sheds more light on a growing problem. The treatment of people, the disregard of constitutional rights of citizens, the abuses of power happening in plain sight. And the defamation of people who's views and/or opinions are different from whats "official" I believe in a STRONG,CONSTITUTIONALLY SOUND government, that is FOR THE PEOPLE. A FAIR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC. If this differs from your opinions or beliefs, that's ok, it is a right bestowed and protected by the CONSTITUTION.