Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Southern Poverty Law Center Conducts Soviet-Style Diversity Re-Education At Alta High School

The Soviet-style diversity re-education campaign at Alta High School in Sandy, Utah is in full swing, and got a major boost on Tuesday June 28th, 2011 when zampolitniks from the Southern Poverty Law Center completed a two-day diversity re-education session under the guise of Teaching Tolerance for 100 students. The students represent four groups of 25 teens each who will be used as shock troops to spread diversity propaganda not only at Alta, but also at the district's other three high schools; Jordan, Brighton and Hillcrest. This is just the latest in the wholesale propaganda campaign being imposed by the district's leadership upon both Alta High School and the entire district in the wake of the March 17th "klan hood" incident, which is summarized in this series of previous posts (most recent post appears first). KSTU Channel 13 provides the news video:


Naturally, Alta High parent Sam Cosby, whose biracial son Larz Cosby made the initial complaint about the assembly incident, praised Canyons for initiating dialogue with students about diversity. "It’s something that needs to be done," he said. "What’s going on there [in Canyons] is really affecting the whole state. It’s making other districts take a look at what is going on in their district." But Larz himself will not be benefiting; because he blew the whistle on the school, many of his fellow students now shun him, and so he will complete his senior year at an online charter school.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Originally formed to confront and combat actual racist terrorism in the South, it's long since metastasized into a multi-million dollar racket that not only targets racist terrorists, but also legitimate white nationalists, patriots, immigration restrictionists, and pro-family lobbyists. Mainstream groups like the American Family Association and ALIPAC have been designated as "hate groups". A look at the SPLC's blogroll on Hatewatch shows their flagrant left-wing bias as well.

The motives of the SPLC deserve scrutiny. Despite the fact that the FBI reported a decrease in the number of hate crimes AND victims in 2010, the SPLC increased the number of hate groups to 1,002. If hate crimes are actually decreasing, how can the number of hate groups be increasing? The answer is simple; the categorical expansion of the definition of "hate group" by the SPLC. By increasing the categories to include immigration restrictionists and pro-family lobbies, they increase the number of reported hate groups. One can infer that the SPLC has a vested interest in this; it implies the desire for organizational self-perpetuation.

Some suggest that by their own definition, the SPLC itself could qualify as a hate group. Here's why: They state "All hate groups have beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people..." Yet the SPLC maligns legitimate white nationalists, patriots, immigration restrictionists, and pro-family lobbyists simply because of their existence, without regard to their activity. Thus it would seem the SPLC itself meets their own criteria for a "hate group".

The problems at Alta High School could have been effectively resolved through in-school discipline and perhaps some law enforcement intervention. A wholesale diversity propaganda campaign will only serve to increase skepticism among the mainstream population, who will accept it not out of personal conviction, but merely to preserve social status and subsequent employability. Some of the skepticism already shows up in the comments to the Tribune story:

Mark_Whitney 4 hours ago:
No wonder students can't read, or add, or think. The propaganda centers are more concerned with social engineering. This is not what school is for, and some fools want to throw more money at it.

And the involvement of the Southern Poverty Law Center is telling. They don't practice poverty law in the south, but they are a front for Marxist strategy. That's not a conspiracy theory, but easily established fact for any honest individual to seek.

Energy Guru 3 hours ago in reply to Mark_Whitney (comment above):
How true you are. SPLC is an unethical organization to promote progressive agenda, meaning exploitation of the employee and employer - basically anyone that works is their target to take away your rights/money and give it to the sloth class.

rkeefe 9 hours ago:
Seems rather ironic that the SPLC would sponsor a "leadership" conference on "inclusiveness" when NOT ONE of its own executive leadership is a minority.

In fact, in the SPLC's entire 40 year history it has never hired a person of color to a highly paid position of power.

Julian Bond was offered "the largely honorary post" of President of the SPLC so that Morris Dees could use his name on fund-raising letters.

Other than a couple of low-level managers and unpaid, token board members, none of whom have any say in the operations of the organization, the executive suite of the SPLC is as white today as it was in 1971.

Some things never change in Montgomery.

CIA_ran_9_11 13 hours ago:
Full scale left wing indoctrination.

I love how the writer makes the so called "southern poverty law center" look like this wonderful organization. For those who don't remember (thanks to biased left wing reporters), the "southern poverty law center" is the scummy organization that sued (AND WON) ranchers on our border who did nothing wrong to the criminals who were trashing their land. These illegals who are foreign invaders, do tens of thousands of dollars worth of property damage, in addition to violating scores of our other laws, in addition to sometimes being violent against these American land owning citizens...

...and WHAT does the "southern poverty law center" do? Sue them for daring to detain these foreign trespassers and for hurting the feelings of these criminals.

Diversity: look what it has done to WVC [West Valley City].
Diversity: look what it has done to Rose Park.
Diversity: can you afford it?

The subtle message with this garbage "training" (i.e. brainwashing) to be "inclusive of diversity" is that whites are assumed to be KKK members and non whites CANNOT POSSIBLY be racist or non-inclusive in any way (a load of crap).

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