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Dan Jones Poll Showing Support For HB116 Guest Worker Law Under Fire By Grass Roots Utahns; Merrill Cook Files Lawful Employment Ordinance Initiative

A Dan Jones poll of 406 registered Utah voters conducted statewide conducted June 13-15 seems to show strong support for the controversial HB116 guest worker law on the surface, but the poll is being questioned by grass-roots Utahns in the comment sections of the Deseret News story and the KSL Channel 5 story.

The poll was taken as part of the lead-in to the Republican State Organizing Convention to be held at the South Towne Expo Center in Sandy on January 18th, where delegates will be asked to approve a non-binding resolution to repeal HB116. The resolution has already passed in the Utah (by a vote of 443 to 365), Salt Lake and Washington County Republican conventions. Opponents of HB116 have set up a Repeal 116 website to educate the public about their objections, while supporters have set up In an related move, former Congressman Merrill Cook, representing a group called Citizens Aligned to Secure Utah's Prosperity (CATSUP), filed a citizens initiative called the "Lawful Employment Ordinance" with the Salt Lake County Clerk on June 14th. Cook also supports repeal of HB116.

The Utah Pulse makes available a quick reference list of benefits of HB116 HERE, and a list of drawbacks HERE.

Four different questions were asked during the poll; view the graphic HERE:

Question: Do you favor or oppose the bill that passed the Utah Legislature providing a guest worker program for undocumented immigrants who have a job and who pass a criminal background check (notice how Dan Jones deliberately used the word "undocumented" rather than "illegal")?

-- Favor: 61 percent
-- Oppose: 29 percent
-- Don't Know: 10 percent

The percentage in favor is up from 55 percent in March. Perhaps contributing to the bump is the unfortunate deportation of two local LDS branch presidents as illegal immigrants this week, as well as an official statement by the LDS Church which implicitly supports HB116, although not by name.

Question: Do you favor or oppose repealing the guest worker bill?

-- Favor: 34 percent
-- Oppose: 53 percent
-- Don't Know: 13 percent

Interesting that in the same poll, while 61 percent favor HB116, only 53 percent oppose repealing it. That means there are respondents who favor both the passage of HB116 AND repealing HB116 -- in the SAME poll. Does that make sense to you?

Question: Should the Republican delegates pass the resolution calling for repeal of the guest worker bill?

-- Definitely: 20 percent
-- Probably: 18 percent
-- Probably Not: 26 percent
-- Definitely Not: 27 percent
-- Don't Know: 9 percent

Question: Should the Republican delegates pass the resolution urging reforms and stating that immigrants have a place within the party?

-- Definitely: 33 percent
-- Probably: 34 percent
-- Probably Not: 14 percent
-- Definitely Not: 10 percent
-- Don't Know: 9 percent

Of course 67 percent of respondents would support the second resolution; they use the term "immigrant" rather than "illegal immigrant". The percentage would be much lower if the term "illegal immigrant" was used. This is just a ploy to blur the distinction between legal and illegal immigrants in the minds of the public, and condition them to accept the eventual premise of amnesty for illegal immigrants. Unfortunately, it appears to be working.

But not everyone is fooled. Here are some comments from the Deseret News story:

RichardB | 10:45 p.m. June 16, 2011 Murray, UT:
I don't believe the numbers, I've yet to find 10 people that support giving amnesty and jobs to those here illegally, over citizens and potential honest legal immigrants.

Jane Johnson | 10:46 p.m. June 16, 2011 PLEASANT GROVE, UT:
I find it difficult to believe this poll. I doubt people want to have illegal aliens pay a fine and then stay here getting free medical care, free education, and free food stamps taking jobs here while many of our citizens cannot secure employment. We want the repeal to happen!

legalimmigrant | 11:58 p.m. June 16, 2011 Springville, Utah:
Who did they poll? Illegal aliens? Business owners? I am a legal permanent resident of Latino heritage and I am in favor of repealing HB 116.

sjgf | 12:39 a.m. June 17, 2011 South Jordan, UT:
Both the LDS Church and its news outlet, the Deseret News, have been heavily campaigning lately for HB116. More and more members of the LDS Church feel like they'd better get in line with this position.

The poll results suggests that the LDS Church's campaign in immigration politics is working.

CJ | 12:51 a.m. June 17, 2011 Murray, UT:
What a bunch of baloney this is. Ask ten people you know and see if one of them wants this farce of a bill. Another DN stacked poll trying to further their amnesty agenda is all this amounts to. The vote on repeal is going to pass and pass big, watch and see. They said the same thing about every repeal vote at every county convention and every one of them passed. With thousands of unemployed in Utah who in their right minds think we need to sit around and make deals with those who crashed the border and have no right to be here in the first place?

And here are some pertinent comments from the KSL story:

Keith D. posted 6 hours ago:
Bull! Where'd they get these polls. Every person I talk to hates the idea. They must have interviewed a bunch of illegals themselves. Get a real poll out there for all of Utah and see whether they like it.

Robert S. posted 6 hours ago:
Where is this polling taking place????? Unemployment continues, We need more jobs not workers. The only people supporting this measure are the illegals themselves and the business owners who continue to get rich off cheap labor. Plain and simple.

Christine N. posted 6 hours ago:
How about you tell us where and or who you were talking to about this poll. Because I know most of the people I have spoken to disagree with this 100% and say it should be repealed.

Nunn24 posted 6 hours ago:
I'd love to see:
- exactly what the questions were
- exactly how these questions were couched
- exactly how the respondents were led
- exactly how respondents were selected from among the population.

There are all sorts of ways to skew a poll to get the results that you want. With Utah being not only the fraud capital of the country but arguably also the false propaganda and political corruption capitals of the country as well, I highly doubt that this "poll" can be trusted to reflect the actual position of most Utahns, especially since many other indicators indicate that the vast majority of Utahns are very much against not only amnesty, but also all of the numerous variations, euphemisms, and disguises of amnesty, which do NOT make it into these poll question specifically.

And why would Utahns want a "guest worker" program in a climate of high unemployment? See it doesn't quite add up does it.

This poll is only one more of a long series of dirty tricks which have been played by the special interests who want the illegal aliens here and the corrupt politicians who serve them.

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