Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Four Brighton High School Students Arrested For Vandalism After Being Caught On Video Running Through Fence In Cottonwood Heights

This is a bigger deal than appears at first glance. James Tidwell, a homeowner in the toney Salt Lake suburb of Cottonwood Heights, has a lengthy white vinyl fence along much of his property. And during the past 18 months, it's been vandalized at least 14 times; he estimates he's replaced 30 panels of the fence. Finally, Tidwell had enough and set up video surveillance, and recently he struck paydirt. The video below shows two teenage girls lining up carefully in front of the fence, doing everything except getting down in a four-point stance, and then rushing it, knocking three of the panels off. They then jump into a car and escape.

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But because both KSL and KSTU aired the surveillance video, the perps have been uncovered. The two girls have been arrested, along with two others also identified. All four are students at Brighton High School. KSTU also reports that police are still looking for another teen recorded urinating on a neighbor’s driveway, and that they also believe some teen boys have been involved in the vandalism. All are believed to be students at Brighton High. Here's KSTU's version of the story:


Police say that it was simply a prank that got out of hand. The students didn't have a personal issue with the homeowner; they simply targeted the fence because it was a long one. But it could turn out to be an expensive prank as the four Brighton juniors will be facing criminal mischief charges.

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