Friday, April 15, 2011

Sarah Palin Vindicated: Trig Palin Conspiracy Theories Spiked By Anchorage Daily News Reporter Who Covered Her

The Trig Palin conspiracy wankers recently got a boost when a professor at Northern Kentucky University, Bradford Scharlott, published a 29-page screed entitled “Palin, the Press, and the Fake Pregnancy Rumor”, in which he resurrected false rumors about Trig Palin not being the son of Sarah Palin and accused former Palin Administration spokesman Bill McAllister of spiking the story when he was working for KTUU Channel 2 in Anchorage. Scharlott further insinuated that then-Governor Palin hired McAllister away from KTUU to co-opt him. McAllister got very hot under the collar and, in his response to Scharlott, said “If we ever meet, I’ll slap you. In a different era, I’d challenge you to a duel" (the full text of McAllister's e-mail response is reproduced HERE).

Now an authoritative source has spoken out to rebut the "Trig Truthers". Anchorage Daily News reporter Julia O'Malley, who has different personal politics from Palin, covered Palin during the closing months of her pregnancy, and asserts that Palin's pregnancy was very real and was showing. In a column entitled "Make. It. Stop", O'Malley writes:

The journalists, including me, who covered Palin at the time believed she was pregnant because she was pregnant. Even before the announcement, she seemed to be putting on weight. She wore baggy jackets and scarves. Before the announcement, she acted nervous when photographers tried to take her picture. Later on, her face filled out. Her fingers swelled. She had a noticeable belly. And it wasn't made out of foam.

"A trim woman simply can’t hide a fetus in her seventh month of pregnancy, and Palin in no way looks four and a half weeks away from giving birth to a 6 pound baby," Sharlott writes. Actually, women carry babies all kinds of different ways. Some women gain less than 20 pounds. Has this man never seen "I didn't know I was pregnant" on TLC?

Palin also ran all the time at the gym in Juneau. People I know saw her on the treadmill sweating in workout clothes. She had a belly. I repeat: she had a real pregnant belly. Are you going to tell me she was wearing a prosthetic abdomen on the treadmill? After the birth, we interviewed her doctor who talked about it. Why would the doctor lie for her? That's right. She wouldn't.

So who are you going to believe, an egghead thousands of miles away who has never personally met Sarah Palin, or a reporter who regularly covered her during the period? My money is on the reporter.

The "Trig Truthers" tend to believe Bristol Palin is actually the mother of Trig, and that Sarah Palin conspired to cover it up. One loony actually posted a comment to the Daily News story claiming that Palin "could have purposely gained weight by eating tons of fast food and high calorie food. Two pounds a week would be easy and that is 20+ pounds in 11 weeks". Another comment sums up the contentions of the Trig Truthers:

What is unbelievable about the birth of Trig is that Sarah, who supposedly already had two miscarriages according to Going Rogue, and while in the late stages of a high-risk pregnancy:
- would get on a plane and fly to Texas
- give a speech there after her water had broken
- then fly over 10 hours, with a layover in Seattle to get back to Alaska
- bypass hospitals in Texas, Seattle and Anchorage that are equipped to handle high-risk deliveries
- then have her husband drive her, without any police or emergency escort, 45 minutes late at night, to a small hospital in Mat-Su Valley that is not equipped to handle the birth of twins, let alone allow a delivery of a high-risk pregnancy within its premises

What the comment above completely ignores is that Sarah Palin had already brought four children into the world, so she was quite familiar with how her body would react to this pregnancy, moreso than any doctor. The steps she took just prior to delivery were fully informed, and she had obtained competent medical opinion before doing so. Not every woman reacts the same way to pregnancy. She completely understood the risks involved. Furthermore, the "small" hospital in Mat-Su is a state-of-the-art facility, fully equipped to deal with most pregnancies. So the Trig Truthers are not only biased against Sarah Palin, but against small towns as well.

Nevertheless, one of the prominent local bloggers, The Immoral Minority, continues to regurgitate the Trig Palin Conspiracy Theory, citing the usual host of "sources" who he never names. In contrast, Alaska Pride 2.0 congratulates Julia O'Malley for setting her politics aside to get the truth out.

Julia O'Malley has effectively rebutted the Trig Truthers' conspiracy theories. End of story.

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