Monday, April 4, 2011

Salt Lake NAACP Launches Witch Hunt Of Bingham High School After Report Of Political Science Students "Marching Around Like Nazis"

The Salt Lake branch of the NAACP is at it again. They've launched an "investigation" of Bingham High School after receiving a report that students in an Advanced Placement (AP) political science class were "marching around like Nazis" during a week dedicated to learning about dictatorship. The complainant wasn't identified by name, but it appears to be a parent.

A Bingham High student, Will Christensen, said students do wear arm bands during the "infamous" dictator week, where a student dictator and two assistants get to make rules for their classmates, but he isn't aware of any chants or signals related to Nazism.

Unlike the Canyons School District, the Jordan School District, within whose boundaries Bingham High lies, actually has a spine. Jordan School District spokesman Steve Dunham rejects the NAACP's claim. He says that in the 20 years the class has been taught, there have not been any complaints. Furthermore, no complaints have been filed at either the school or district level, and the district is not currently involved in an investigation. This means the complaining parent didn't even bother to give the school or the district an opportunity to hear the concern first, but instead went immediately crying to the NAACP. Presuming, of course, that the NAACP is actually telling the truth.

Meanwhile, Salt Lake NAACP overseer Jeanetta Williams said she hopes Bingham High, and the district, will cooperate with the investigation. "There needs to be more sensitivity," she said. "If they want to teach dictatorship, there are other ways to teach it." Of course, Williams offered no suggestions on how it could be taught with more "sensitivity", because the NAACP is not in the business of solving problems.

The Jordan School District has reacted correctly. There is no need for them to cooperate with an NAACP investigation, not only because the NAACP has no statutory authority, but it actually has no "moral" authority save it be that which we choose to give it. And considering how Jeanetta Williams exploits every deviation and seeks to turn molehills into mountains, the Salt Lake NAACP is not worthy of respect.

Furthermore, the Salt Lake NAACP has no stroke. Chris Buttars stood up to the NAACP after the "black baby" remark, and not only did nothing happen to him, he was subsequently re-elected, albeit by a narrow margin. The NAACP does not have a big red S on its chest; they can't leap over tall buildings a single bound.

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