Thursday, February 10, 2011

James Dallin Fired From The Cedar Hills, Utah Walmart Six Weeks After Breaking Up Fight Between A Man And His Wife

Update February 11th: Post updated with link to James Dallin's personal blog and a video by Dallin himself.

In addition to boycotting the Layton Walmart, we might want to also boycott the Cedar Hills Walmart, too. Other Walmart stores within driving distance of Cedar Hills include:

-- 585 N State St, Lindon
-- 949 W Grassland Dr, American Fork
-- 1355 Sandhill Rd, Orem

On January 4th, 2011, James Dallin, an assistant manager with 10 years of experience with Walmart, was fired after separating a worker from an angry husband on Black Friday in November 2010 at the store in Cedar Hills. The Deseret News is only reporting this now because of the controversy stirred up by the mass firing of four workers at the Layton Walmart; Dallin decided to step forward.

The incident occurred on Black Friday when Dallin was suddenly shoved from behind. When Dallin turned around, he noticed a man going after his wife, who happened to be Dallin's co-worker. The man grabbed the woman hard by the arm and berated her as he escorted her down an aisle. Minutes later, the man still had a firm grip on his co-worker's arm and was continuing to verbally abuse her when Dallin said he pushed the man into a shelf and told him to leave, then escorted him out of the store. The man then complained to Dallin's superior.

Six weeks later on January 4th, without any warning, Dallin was fired. It is particularly contemptible to wait six weeks and then blindside someone in such a fashion. How can it take six weeks to decide whether an employee violated company policy? Update: I've just found a personal blog edited by Dallin himself where he addresses the issue; his video is embedded below:

Of course, Walmart was prepared with an excuse. Walmart spokesman Dan Fogleman issued this statement: "After a thorough review of witnesses statements, video surveillance and other information, it was determined that Mr. Dallin's actions escalated the matter in such a way that it put his own safety and that of others around him at risk. What we want to avoid is having a situation escalate that might result in someone getting hurt. Our management team is aware of this and expected to act accordingly."

A public outcry over the firings has surfaced, as evidenced by dozens and dozens of e-mails and online comments posted late Wednesday and Thursday. One individual was quoted as saying he would never shop at another Walmart again. However, such a blanket policy might be misguided, as it is the local manager who proposes the termination. Whether or not the Bentonville, Arkansas headquarters affirms the decision is irrelevant. You can contact Walmart through this portal.

Consequently, I recommend simply boycotting the offending store. Not all Walmarts treat their employees in such a cavalier fashion.


Anonymous said...

There is a lot more to this story that isn't being reported. I invite KSL and DesNews to do a little more investigative reporting. Dallin ins't being truthful.

Deseret Dawg said...

Who knows? Dallin did wait five weeks before going public. Either no one was interested until now -- or perhaps there's another reason, as you suggest.