Monday, November 15, 2010

Police Accuse Bluffdale Resident Reed Anderson Of Staging His Own Robbery And Arson, Anderson May Be Mentally Ill But Criminal Charges Being Considered

Remember the story about the Bluffdale resident whose home was reportedly burglarized on November 9th and then targeted with arson less than 24 hours later? Turns out it may have been staged by the homeowner.

Police are now accusing the homeowner, 20-year-old Reed Anderson, of staging the robbery and then the arson. Police say the man lit the fire himself to destroy evidence that might have shown his home invasion story was fabricated. They did not explain why the man staged the home invasion and subsequent arson; relatives have reported that the man is mentally ill, according to police Corporal Aaron D. Rosen. KSL news video embedded below:

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The Crisis Intervention Team for Bluffdale Police Departments says they will continue to follow-up on the conditions of this case but apparent facts, evidence and statements relative to the case were sent to the Salt Lake District Attorney's Office for screening and review. The DA office will then determine criminal charges, if any, after careful review.

When the story first broke, a number of people were suspicious, and expressed their skepticism in the Salt Lake Tribune:

finn01 [Moderator] 5 days ago
I call BS. There, I've said it. So, the homeowner hits the intruder with a shovel, has his house set on fire and he's home both times. Didn't both events happen in broad daylight? No one noticed anything suspicious? Financial trouble?

cult_of_skaro [Moderator] 4 days ago in reply to finn01
He's home both times? Does he work nights, if he works?
Yep finn, this sounds very suspicious....

The story seemed plausible to me at the time. Burglars are getting particularly bold and brazen; some have no fear of breaking into a place while a resident is there. And some would be uppity enough to return for vengeance if they were sent packing with a beating. But the fact that Anderson was at home both times should have generated more skepticism.

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