Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dr. David Duke Speaks Out On Rape And Reality In America, Cites The Case Of Rakheem Bolton As An Example Of Perverted Justice

In his latest video, Dr. David Duke speaks out on the issue of rape and reality in America. He cites the case of former high school football player Rakheem Bolton as an example of justice turned upside down, where the perpetrator becomes the hero, and the victim the goat. This is a good example of the sports madness in America and Europe, where a 16-year-old female rape victim is less important than a rapist jock.

Here's a brief summary of the case. Rakheem Bolton, Christian Rountree, and an unidentified juvenile were accused of gang-raping a Silsbee High School cheerleader in October 2008 during a party away from the campus. In January 2009, a grand jury refused to indict them, but in November 2009, another grand jury indicted Bolton and Rountree. In September 2010, after a trial, Judge Joe Bob Golden sentenced Bolton to one year in the Hardin County Jail, but the judge suspended the sentence and placed Bolton on probation for two years. The judge also assessed a fine of $2,500, 150 hours of community service, and ordered Bolton to attend anger management classes in addition to the statutory conditions of probation. If Bolton satisfies all requirements while on probation, he won't have to serve time in jail, but he'll still have the conviction for Assault. If he violates probation, he'll have to serve the year in jail. If Bolton had been convicted of sexual assault, a 2nd Degree Felony, he could have received up to 20 years in prison.

No jail time for rape. Sounds like a wrist slap to me.

Then to add insult to injury, when the victim returned to cheerleading, and didn't cheer when Bolton came on the basketball court, school officials insisted that she had to scream 'Rakheem' with the rest of the cheerleaders, or she'd be kicked off the squad. She refused, and was kicked off. She and her parents then sued, but a federal appeals court upheld the decision of a Texas school district to punish the cheerleader for refusing to cheer for a player who pleaded guilty to attacking her.

With this type of kid-glove treatment meted out to teenage athletes who commit crimes, is it any wonder why so many professional football and basketball players run afoul of the law? Why do you think the NFL is nicknamed the National Felon League? The failure of society to punish misbehaving teenage athletes gives them a green light to commit crimes as an adult, believing their "jock" status protects them against accountability.

You can view other videos by Dr. Duke at his dedicated YouTube channel.

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