Monday, October 11, 2010

Sarah Palin Endorses Morgan Philpot Over Jim Matheson For Utah's Second U.S. House District; Palin's Track Record In Endorsements 27-11

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that Sarah Palin has endorsed Morgan Philpot as the next Congressman from Utah's Second District. The endorsement was one of a block of nine endorsements Palin announced on her official Facebook page on October 11th, 2010. Palin wrote:

Ten years ago, Morgan Philpot brought his message of “Faith, Family, Future” to the Utah state legislature.  Since then, Morgan has been a reliable, conservative leader for Utah. Now he’s running to represent Utah’s 2nd Congressional District. We can count on Morgan to make the right choices to bring our country back.  Please visit Morgan’s website at and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

At least 10 known Utahns have posted their gratitude to Palin in response to the endorsement.

Apparently the Palin camp had been keeping an eye on Philpot's campaign for quite a while. But what may have prompted her to pull the trigger was a recent Utah Policy Poll which showed that although Jim Matheson had 46 percent, Philpot had 30 percent, with 20 percent still undecided. Considering that another Palin endorsee, Joe Miller, streaked from 40 points behind in just one month to defeat Lisa Murkowski in the Alaska Republican primary on August 24th, a 16-point deficit hardly looks insurmountable. Even more cause for optimism has been generated by a KSL Channel 5 unscientific poll started on September 24th, which currently shows that 71 percent of the 1,055 respondents think Morgan Philpot has at least a good chance to beat Jim Matheson in November.

Philpot was grateful. “I am fortunate that Sarah Palin has endorsed me in Utah’s Congressional race. Her previous endorsements of key individuals have shown her track record of recognizing winning candidates. I am respectfully honored.” Philpot's campaign manager Lyall Swim said the announcement triggered a spike of hits on the Philpot campaign site, but Swim also said the next task was to translate that interest into dollars. According to the Federal Election Commission, as of June 30th, Matheson had more than $1.35 million in receipts to $112,323 for Philpot. It should also be noted that candidates endorsed by Sarah Palin have won 27 primary elections and lost only 11, so far.

Although Jim Matheson has yet to react to this story, conservative blogger Holly Richardson has been pounding away at him. In this post, she reveals that pro-Philpot and anti-Matheson campaign signs have been suddenly disappearing all over the district. And in this post, she's embedded a video showing Matheson getting a bit short-fused with a constituent. Is Matheson hearing footsteps?

Update October 18th: KSTU Channel 13 reported on a poll conducted by Utah Policy which shows that Republicans don't think Sarah Palin's endorsement is a "game changer". Most think it either creates a flurry of excitement, or that it simply doesn't matter.

Just a reminder -- there is one other candidate in the 2nd District race. Randall Hinton is representing the Constitution Party.


Joseph L. Puente said...

I would find more value and credibility in an endorsement from the Flat Earth Society.

Deseret Dawg said...

I seriously doubt you would have turned down her endorsement. Of course, Jason Chaffetz has your Congressional race bagged and tagged, so she didn't need to award him an endorsement.

And two years down the road, perhaps Jason will be gearing up to replace Orrin Hatch. :-D

Joseph L. Puente said...

In the extremely unlikely event--or alternate universe--in which Sarah Palin would endorse me, I would gladly tell her to take her endorsement and shove it up her narcissistic, neo-conservative, faux-patriotic, Faux News, wingnut ass.

As for Chaffetz' plans to run against Hatch, there's no "perhaps" about it--seriously, are you pretending to have some sort of insight into this? Chaffetz has practically announced it already. It just goes to show you that he cares more about winning elections than serving the public. He's just another partisan shill who will put party interests ahead of the public good and I'm willing to bet that should Philpot win, he'll be just as much of a lapdog to John Boener and the party aristocracy as any other GOP sellout.

And the only reason Chaffetz has the race "bagged" is because he's running in a district so severely gerrymandered that the Republican party could put a complete imbecile on the ticket and he'd still win just because he's a Republican... oh, wait, that's exactly what the Republicans have on the ticket now.

Anonymous said...

Obviously the last comment was made by a complete idiot! Do you even know Jason or Morgan personally? I do. I don't know you, but I can tell you don't care a thing about your country or state. What are doing to make it a better place? Complaining gets you nowhere.
Morgan Philpot is fine outstanding citizen who cares about making a positive difference! Go Philpot! Yes I'm a phan. For the first time in my life I've felt driven not to just merely vote, but to get out and promote the candidate! Why? Because Philpot is someone who is worth voting for!

Joseph L. Puente said...


I don't know Jason or Morgan personally, but I do know Jason's voting record and Morgan's position on major issues.

You're right about one thing though, you don't know me. And you can't tell much about me from a couple of comments on a relatively obscure blog.

I do care about my country. I care about it so much that I committed five years of my life to its service in the United States Navy.

And I do care about my state and I try to make it a better place by being involved in my community.

What else am I doing to make it better? I'm not just complaining, I'm recommending real solutions to our problems and doing my best to implement them by running for the United States Congress as an INDEPENDENT candidate because I'm tired of being lied to by people who are more loyal to their political party than they are to the people they're supposed to represent.

There are lots of politicians who call themselves "citizens" when they run for office but the moment they declare allegiance to a political party--especially the corrupt Democratic and Republican parties--their citizenship takes a back seat to the interests of the party and party interests are rarely the same as the public interest.

Deseret Dawg said...

Anonymous 8:25 P.M. - Glad to hear Philpot gets you stirred up. He seems a livelier candidate than Bill Dew two years ago. With Palin's endorsement, he could pull it off.

Here's another wrinkle. The infamous Rocky Anderson has now indirectly endorsed Morgan Philpot. Read about it HERE.

ashlei said...

Morgan philpot shoul have sweeped the voters off the floor I dont understand why he is so behind in votes. He deserves this rightful seat.... An sir JOSEPH L. PUENTE arent you supposed to have an equal median? to care about not only the public but the media as well? You cant win unless you give a little of both! But when it comes down to it phipot has some amazing ideas.... Hell I think he should take over that horrible president obamas seat.... He deserves that seat and he would do wounders.... PHIPOT YOU HAD MY VOTE!!!