Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Former Salt Lake Mayor Rocky Anderson "Endorses" Republican Congressional Candidate Morgan Philpot

Yes...your eyes do not deceive you. Former Democratic Salt Lake Mayor Rocky Anderson has indirectly endorsed the Republican 2nd U.S. House District candidate Morgan Philpot -- not because he particularly likes Philpot, but because he can't stand Jim Matheson.

So sayeth the Provo Daily Herald. The occasion was a recent interview on K-TALK radio. Anderson started complaining about Matheson, accusing him of turning his back on every possible constituency, explaining that Democrats would do better to either get rid of him, or get someone in who would be better (in his opinion) on climate, health care and energy issues. Then Rocky dropped the bombshell; "Maybe it's time to put a Republican into that position". He didn't say he would specifically vote for Philpot, though, instead saying he'd write in Spongebob Squarepants.

That's no surprise. Only someone like Rocky Anderson would waste a vote that way. He always was an incurable attention whore.

Matheson campaign manager Brenna Marron wasted no time in spiking that notion. "Since when does he [Anderson] speak for Utah Democrats or for the Utah Democratic Party?" she asked. "As you know, Matheson won the Democratic primary by a margin of 68 percent to 32 percent."

Jim Matheson does not have an easy job. He must try to balance the conflicting interests of a politically-diverse district encompassing deep-blue Salt Lake City and deep-red Washington County. So he's bound to catch it from both sides. Morgan Philpot looks forward to solving that problem for him on November 2nd -- with the help of the electorate.

Rocky Anderson is currently involved in some gig called High Road For Human Rights, which envisions a world in which an engaged citizenry ensures the protection of human rights. Its mission is to organize, support, and mobilize an extensive network of people to prevent and eliminate human rights abuses by: (1) elevating awareness about human rights abuses and available solutions, and (2) taking unified actions to achieve changes that will enhance the protection of human rights.


Anonymous said...

Read the headline, then read the text of this blog. Why does the truth mean so little to so many bloggers? Where and when did Rocky Anderson ever "endorse" Philpot? It never happened. (And why would the blogger haver put quotation marks around the word "endorses" in the headline?) Such disregard for the truth (or utter sloppiness) is the reason we can't trust so much of what is on the Internet these days.

Deseret Dawg said...

Did you read the entire post? I said "indirectly" endorse. That means it's not a formal endorsement, which is made amply clear.

By saying "vote for the Republican" in this race, he is suggesting to people to vote for Philpot, since Philpot is the Republican in this race.

The greater issue here is that once again, Rocky Anderson is sabotaging a fellow Democrat. A couple of months ago, Rocky also questioned whether another Democrat, Ralph Becker, deserved a second term as mayor of Salt Lake.

With Rocky Anderson, it's all about self-glorification.

Anonymous said...

With you, it's all about deceit. Where in the headline does it say "indirectly" endorse? it says "Endorses". That is a lie. Also, why is it so difficult for you to understand that some people believe more in principle than in partisan politics? Rocky Anderson obviously doesn't consider Jim Matheson to be a "fellow Democrat". If someone calling himself a "Democrat" has the dismal record that Matheson has, no self-respecting Democrat should vote for him -- unless the "D" after his name means more than equal rights, human rights, and economic justice.

Rod Mann said...
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Rod Mann said...

You must have a hard time reading the newspaper each day as headlines often bear little to no relationship with the content (most often these titles advance a left learning position). Take for example the Oct 7 SLC Tribune article regarding the Philpot Matheson race. The title was "Matheson not among the Blue Dogs in jeopardy" but the article made no mention of any polls supporting this position. Funny, I don't recall a post like yours on that one. Moreover, in the case of this post what Mayor Anderson said was "I would not vote for Jim Matheson ... He is not better than a Republican". So I think that post title is much better than the Trib and in the post he actually qualifies the title. My hat is off to Deseret Dawg for a well written post.