Saturday, July 10, 2010

Republican Mike Lee Owns 30-Point Lead Over Democrat Sam Granato In June 23rd Rasmussen Poll Of Utah Senate Race

Lost in the aftermath of Mike Lee's two-point cliffhanger victory over Tim Bridgewater in the June 22nd Utah Republican Party is an initial snapshot of the prospective outcome of a Mike Lee-Sam Granato race. But on June 23rd, Rasmussen conducted a poll of 500 likely voters, and reported the following results:

-- Mike Lee (R): 58 percent
-- Sam Granato (D): 28 percent
-- Some other candidate: 5 percent
-- Not sure: 9 percent

In this case, that "some other candidate" is the Constitution Party's Scott Bradley. Admittedly, this poll is not exactly rocket science, which may explain why neither the local media nor the two candidates involved bothered to react to it. Virtually every political observer believes Mike Lee will defeat Sam Granato in November -- and not by a narrow margin. However, Granato is a long way from throwing in the towel. Not only did Granato appeal to Bridgewater's supporters to consider his candidacy, but on July 7th, he launched a new fundraising campaign. His pitch: Contribute $19.70, an amount based on the last year Utahns elected a Democrat to the Senate. "When Frank Moss was elected in 1970, it showed that ours was not a one-party state and that Utah voters were fair-minded folks who wanted balanced representation," Granato said. "I believe this remains as true today in 2010 and it was in 1970."

One advantage possessed by Sam Granato is that, unlike dogmatic, doctrinnaire radicals like Claudia Wright and Rocky Anderson, he is actually electable. Many Granato supporters speak highly of his ability to connect personally with people. He comes across like a typical salt-of-the-earth Utah enterpreneur instead of some snooty ivory-tower academic. While this quality will not propel him to victory in November, it will earn him respect and lay the foundation for a possible Democratic comeback in the future if the Republicans don't keep their promises to make government smaller, less expensive, more responsive and more accountable.

To round out the poll, Rasmussen asked respondents a few more questions about their attitudes towards other important political questions. The results:

-- 66 percent of Utah voters favor repeal of Obamacare (Utah's one of many states joining in the suit to get rid of the mandate)
-- 58 percent of Utah voters would favor passage of an immigration law similar to Arizona SB1070.
-- 66 percent of Utah voters also agree with the chief provision of the Arizona immigration law that states a police officer should be required to check the immigration status of anyone stopped for a traffic violation or violation of some other law if he suspects the person might be an illegal immigrant.
-- 67 percent of Utah voters believe offshore oil drilling should be allowed to continue, despite the ongoing Gulf oil leak. At the same time, 66 percent of Utahns believe the leak will have a devastating or major impact on the environment.

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