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Stephanie Sloop Petitions To Have Marriage Annulled, Claims Nathanael Sloop Intimidated Her Into Marrying Him

Back on May 19th, 2010, I speculated on the possibility that Stephanie Sloop, who along with her husband Nathanael Sloop, is being charged with aggravated murder in the death of four-year-old Ethan Stacy, may have been just as much a victim as a perpetrator. In questioning the death penalty for Stephanie, I wrote:

I would question applying the death penalty to Stephanie Sloop. While she was a facilitator, it is unclear if she was a perpetrator. We need to distinguish between the two roles when prescribing punishment. And while Stephanie was a known manipulator, it is quite possible that she was so horrified to find out she married a monster that she was frozen into facilitation, much like a deer trapped in headlights. Many people with personality disorders show you their "best side" until they "lock you in", then they show their real selves. Prison for Stephanie Sloop -- yes. Execution -- no.

Well guess what? It appears Stephanie Sloop is acting upon that possibility. According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Stephanie Sloop has filed to have her May 6th marriage to Nathan Sloop annulled. Her annulment petition was filed on Friday June 25th in state court in Farmington, Utah. She claims that Nathan Sloop physically intimidated her into going through with the marriage. She also requests that her surname be changed to a previous surname, although she did not specify which one (her first husband, Joe Stacy, strongly objects to Stephanie taking back his surname). In addition, Stephanie Sloop also is asking for custody of the personal property she owns at the Layton apartment she shared with Nathan Sloop and Ethan, and that Nathanael Sloop be required to pay any debts the couple accumulated. The Sloops remain in the Davis County Jail without bail. Update June 27th: KSL Channel 5 has now picked up the story; video embedded below:

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Nathanael Sloop could contest the annulment. The petition does not specify how Nathan Sloop might have coerced his bride. But Stephanie's claim tends to fly in the face of the fact that the couple had been engaged for months before the marriage. They even created a website for the event and a bridal registry at stores. Of course, it is now known that Nathanael was violent and had multiple personalities, and may have suppressed his worst side until just before the wedding date. So when Nathanael started showing his worst side, and started using Ethan Stacy as a punching bag, Stephanie could have quite literally been intimidated into going along with it.

But one would think Stephanie would have spoken up much earlier, like within a week or so after the two were arrested. The fact that she waited six weeks to break ranks with Nathanael, combined with her reputation for being a manipulator, will undoubtedly lead some people to believe this might be a desperate Hail Mary play on her part to minimize her share of the responsibility for the atrocity against Ethan Stacy. Comments posted to the Tribune indicate public skepticism with Stephanie's new story.

The Facebook group "Justice for Ethan Stacy" still exists, although some creep is posting some very inappropriate comments on it at this time. The comments should be removed by the time you read this. In addition, the fund to help pay for the funeral expenses of Ethan Stacy is still set up at a Virginia bank. Although online donations cannot be accepted, donations can be mailed to:

True Point Bank
P.O. Box 1010
Grundy, VA 24614

It should be directed to Gary Stacy-Joe Stacy Memorial Fund #4 Ethan Stacy. The account number is 0387940.

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