Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mexican Citizen Roberto Hurtado Arrested In Salt Lake City For Attempted Kidnapping Of 13-Year-Old Girl, Resisting Arrest, Forged Documents, Etc.,

The Salt Lake County Jail classifies this man as White. Does this man look White to you?

A Mexican citizen with suspected false I.D. was arrested on June 19th, 2010 for attempted kidnapping. KSL Channel 5 and the Deseret News report that 26-year-old Roberto Hurtado approached a 13-year-old girl at a swimming pool located at an apartment complex on 1175 N. Redwood Road and invited her to a party. When she declined, Hurtado asked for her address and phone number. When she refused again, he grabbed her arm and tried to pull her away. The girl and two of her friends left the pool area, but the man continued to follow them, according to jail records. When the girls found the victim's father, the father approached Hurtado, who immediately began saying, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry,"

He was about to become much sorrier. After police responded, they soon determined that Hurtado was a resident of the apartment complex, and contacted him. Hurtado first tried to pass himself off as his roommate and even gave officers his roommate's IRS number card that he was carrying, but officers soon saw through the scam and arrested him. He was booked into Salt Lake County Jail for investigation of attempted kidnapping, resisting arrest, forgery, possession of altered or fictitious documents, and giving false information to police. According to his booking record, which is alternately accessible from HERE, Hurtado is listed as a citizen of Mexico, but no Federal immigration hold is indicated.

Really! A citizen of Mexico with suspected forged documents. Can you say "illegal alien"? Arizona SB1070's looking better and better, isn't it?

What's also objectionable is that the Salt Lake County Jail classifies Hurtado as "White". Take a look at his picture -- does that look White to you? No way, Jose. Of course, the establishment tries to disguise Hispanic crime by claiming that Hispanic is an "ethnicity" rather than a race, but this just merely wrongfully inflates White crime totals. It is time we re-visit the practice of not classifying Hispanics as a race. The bulk of Hispanics tend to have similar appearances.


brian said...

he looks pretty white to me

Anonymous said...

It's not really about color; more about criminality. And there is a hold to the tune of 50k. But the fact remains: pedophiles should be castrated and we'd have fewer kid victims.

spic-hater said...

SPICGER ON TWITTER: He looks 100% subhuman, feral spic to me. Typical, sex-obsessed minority animal.