Saturday, May 8, 2010

Who's Live-Blogging The 2010 Utah State Political Conventions?

This is a temporary post designed to provide links to those sources live-blogging the 2010 Utah state political convention. A more detailed summary of the Republican convention results is now available HERE, and a summary on the Democratic convention is now available HERE.

Update: Pre-convention delegate polls were categorically accurate. Bennett will survive the first round of voting. Now official: Tim Bridgewater 917 votes, Bob Bennett 885, Mike Lee 982, Cherilyn Eagar 541

Second Round: Bennett eliminated. Official percentages: Tim Bridgewater 37 percent, Mike Lee 36 percent, and Bob Bennett 27 percent.

Third Round: Tim Bridgewater 57 percent, Mike Lee 43 percent. There will be a primary election on June 22nd.


-- Utah GOP Twitter feed HERE

-- Utah GOP Livestream Video HERE

-- SL Tribune reporter Robert Gehrke's Twitter HERE

-- SL Tribune reporter Thomas Burr's Twitter HERE. This is the best Twitter feed so far.

-- Conor Boyack's Twitter HERE.

-- Initial SLC Weekly report HERE


-- Information about their convention HERE.

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