Friday, May 21, 2010

Utah Second U.S. House District Republican Candidate Morgan Philpot Gets Writeup In Molalla, Oregon Pioneer, Remembers "Mutant-Sized Bullfrogs"

Although Utah's Second Congressional District Republican candidate Morgan Philpot is a fully-vested resident of the Beehive State, he's not been forgotten by his boyhood hometown. The Molalla, Oregon Pioneer has published a brief profile on Philpot on April 20th, 2010, which provides interesting but little-known facts about his childhood.

Philpot graduated from Molalla High School in 1989. He grew up in Molalla, which is located in north central Oregon, and has memories of participating in school activities, playing sports, doing Boy Scouts and hunting for bullfrogs behind an old log mill near the railroad tracks by Toliver Road. He remembers the bullfrogs as being "mutant-sized".

Although many members of Philpot’s immediate family have moved from Molalla to Utah, his father, aunt, uncle and some cousins remain in the local area. It has been about two years since Philpot last visited, but he still has many memories of his childhood growing up on Carol Court in Molalla. He earned money working for several local farms, including Moorhouse Berry Farms, Yule Tree Farms and Willamette Egg Farms, and also delivered newspapers for the Molalla Pioneer. This shows a solid work ethic and a budding enterpreneurial instinct.

The article does summarize Philpot's political vision, which is more fully articulated on his official campaign website. Unlike Bill Dew, who spent $900,000 in 2008 against incumbent Democrat Jim Matheson, but who barely put a dent in Matheson's vote totals, Philpot has a track record of winning "unwinnable" elections. In 2000, at the age of 28, Philpot became a state representative after winning an election thought to be "unwinnable" by other Republicans. Consequently, it is believed that Philpot can actually prevail over Jim Matheson in November, although the margin of victory is likely to be narrow, perhaps only by a few hundred votes or so. This is why crossing over to the "dark side" to vote for Claudia Wright over Jim Matheson on June 22nd in order to assure an easier November victory for Philpot is not only unnecessary, but unethical as well. In fact, Philpot has dissociated himself from such crossover tactics.

Morgan Philpot can beat Jim Matheson.

The other two candidates in the Second District race include Constitution Party candidate Randall Hinton and Independent candidate Dave Glissmeyer.


Anonymous said...

You conveniently forgot to mention how he grew up on welfare ...yet now derides the very system that helped make his success today possible.

JL said...

The welfare system he "grew up on" did is not "the very system that helped make his success today possible."

Nice try though.

If the government decided to give every household X amount each year for the next 20 years, would you say that system is the one that made your children successful?

I wouldn't.