Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sam Granato Defeats Christopher Stout Outright, While Claudia Wright Forces Jim Matheson Into A Primary At 2010 Utah Democratic Convention

Finally we found someone who was live-blogging the 2010 Utah Democratic Convention HERE, and a couple of expected outcomes did occur (Bob Bennett got knocked out in the second round at the Republican convention, and Tim Bridgewater and Mike Lee will square off in a primary fight).

For the U.S. Senate seat, Sam Granato, who was the first to throw his hat into the Democratic ring, defeated late entrant Christopher Stout 78-22 percent, according to updated information from the Deseret News. This means Granato wins outright and has no primary battle to fight, so he can devote his full energy towards preparing for the November general election. Granato's victory was no real surprise, but I though Christopher Stout had enough to force him into a primary fight on June 22nd. Saintless published her reasons why she couldn't endorse Granato on April 28th, saying that it was hard to pin down Granato on any issue and that she felt Granato was neither passionate about any issues, nor did he have any clear ideas on how to fix any of the problematic issues. On May 6th, Saintless cross-posted an essay originally published by Jason Wessel, in which Wessel also criticized Granato for having no central message. But more importantly, Wessel lauded Christopher Stout for clearly defining the issues, carefully explaining his positions on the issues, and promoting step-by-step solutions to problems.

In contrast, the more prominent Utah Amicus confidently predicted victory for Granato, saying that Granato has done the work to win the Democratic nomination for United States Senate by constantly traveling the state to listen and discuss the issues and the type of leadership Utah residents desire from their next senator. Amicus states that Granato has been true to his original campaign plan, to make this race not so much about himself, but about the residents of Utah. Even before Stout entered the race, Granato had gobbled up a gaggle of endorsements. So in the final analysis, Stout may have been the better candidate, but he waited too long to jump in, and so Sam Granato is the outright nominee. Read media stories published by the Deseret News, the Salt Lake Tribune, the Salt Lake City Weekly, and KSL Channel 5.

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In the race for the House District 2 seat, so-called "citizens candidate" Claudia Wright showed unexpected strength, forcing incumbent Jim Matheson into a primary fight by holding him down to only a 55-45 percent advantage. Matheson needed 60 percent or more to become the outright nominee. This was primarily an emotional anti-incumbent vote against Jim Matheson by insurgent progressives who are miffed at Matheson because he's a blue-dog Democrat who desires to represent the entire 2nd District instead of only the freaks and geeks that progressives tend to worship. Democrats have to realize that if they are stupid enough to choose Claudia Wright, a lesbian gender studies instructor at the University of Utah, over Jim Matheson on June 22nd, they are quite literally handing the House seat to Morgan Philpot, who has now won the Republican nomination outright.

Perhaps as a Republican, I should cream at the prospect of Morgan Philpot facing cannon fodder like Claudia Wright. The problem is, I respect Jim Matheson for having the stones to vote against Obamacare. That was a principled vote for constituency ahead of party politics. So I think Jim Matheson deserves a better fate than to be tossed aside like a used condom in favor of a George McGovern wannabe who'll hand the House seat to Morgan Philpot on a silver platter the same way George "Amnesty, Acid, and Abortion" McGovern handed the White House to Richard Nixon in 1972.


Anonymous said...

Actually, Granato won 77 percent of the vote. I agree that Stout had a good grasp of the issues, but he was never a better candidate.

Deseret Dawg said...

Correct. The Deseret News published updated and different numbers on this race. I've now incorporated the change into my post, rounding the 77.5 percent up to 78.

Thanks for the input.

Daniel B. said...

Didn't take much bravery to vote against Obamacare. He just waited until Pelosi had secured enough votes before casting his. That's why out of the entire House, he was 4th to last to cast the vote.

If he was brave, he'd show up for a townhall rather than just doing his telephone townhalls that do not permit anyone to give feedback.

No, Matheson is spineless.