Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ALIPAC Führer William Gheen Unconditionally Surrenders To Hard-Left Political Activists Once Again After Previously Smearing Tom Tancredo

Once again, ALIPAC's Führer William Gheen has unconditionally surrendered to political pressure by hard-left political activists, as he continues to be more concerned about "racism" than illegal immigration. In response to a story in the Phoenix New Times revealing that Gheen had "friended" an alleged "neo-Nazi", Harry Hughes, Gheen posted the following comment in response:

William Gheen says:
Unlike our concerns about the June 5 organizer, this neo-nazi was previously unknown to me. I've never heard of him before this moment.

I will now go and remove him from my Facebook friends list as my prior broadcasts for such people to stay away from me went unheeded by this person. I will remove him immediately.

Dan Smeriglio, on the other hand, had prior dealings with the neo nazis found on his friends list, knew them by name, knew them by appearance, and knew their politics because each had created problems at his prior rallies.

William Gheen
Posted On: Monday, May. 24 2010 @ 7:34PM

Complete, abject surrender on Gheen's part. Phoenix New Times blogger Stephen Lemons is a known open-borders advocate and an anti-racist extremist. As for Harry Hughes, if you visit his blog, you'll find no "hate" posted on there. As a matter of fact, Hughes has since responded to Gheen's latest act of cowardice. Here's the pertinent part of his post:

I really thought William Gheen would "unfriend" me after that Nov. 14, 2009, shoving match at a Phoenix tea party [more about that HERE, too.]. He was really steamed. If I remember correctly, he wrote something about “going too far”. For the record, the friend request came from Gheen. It’s rare that I ask to be someone’s friend, especially if I don’t know them. I for one, would never let media scrutiny dictate as to who should or shouldn’t be one of my Facebook friends. Get a backbone people! Don’t cave in to the media! Pick your own friends.

Gheen's cowardice comes hot on the heels of another act of cowardice and perfidy on his part. On May 22nd, Gheen announced that ALIPAC was pulling out of two scheduled rallies in Phoenix in support of Arizona's new immigration law. The primary rally, sponsored by Phoenix Rising, is scheduled for June 5th; another rally, part of a national Tea Party event, is scheduled for June 12th. Gheen decided to distance his group from event organizer Daniel Smeriglio of Hazleton, Pa., over Facebook connections to so-called "White supremacists" and a European "neo-Nazi" singer, Saga. He also smeared distinguished ex-Congressman Tom Tancredo, a longtime stalwart opponent of illegal immigration. In a statement, Gheen wrote "We have worked diligently behind the scenes to try to resolve this situation with the knowledge that our political opposition does have strong evidence of neo-Nazi supporters being involved with the event still going forward on the 5th...We feel it is completely unacceptable that Dan Smeriglio and Tom Tancredo or anyone else would put the brave activists, lawmakers, candidates, and citizens of Arizona at risk by proceeding with an event that our opponents can use to harm our cause of stopping and reversing illegal immigration." Gheen got his "evidence" from One People's Project, an anti-racist anarchist organization who promotes amnesty for convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Smeriglio, whose group is called Voice of The People USA, issued a statement strenuously denying being a racist. "Out of the 2,200 friends on my Facebook page, two apparently had or have some association with groups that do NOT represent my beliefs, particularly regarding illegal immigration," Smeriglio wrote. "When this was brought to my attention I immediately removed and blocked the two individuals in question, because I stand against illegal immigration with no hatred in my heart for any person, race or religion." Smeriglio also said he never listened to the lyrics of Saga, a White nationalist singer from Sweden. Read his full statement HERE.

Tom Tancredo also fired back at Gheen, saying "The allegations against one of the rally's organizers, Daniel Smeriglio, have been examined and are not only without merit, they are the worst kind of character assassination that no decent person in politics, left, right or center, should condone".

Concerns about William Gheen's mental stability also surfaced after he launched a vicious homophobic attack on Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) at a Greenville, SC Tea Party rally on April 18th. Although Graham wasn't on hand for the event, Gheen said "I'm a tolerant person. I don't care about your private life, Lindsey, but as our U.S. Senator I need to figure out why you're trying to sell out your own countrymen, and I need to make sure you being gay isn't it." Graham is a RINO as it is; questions about his sexual orientation not only were absolutely irrelevant to this event, but Gheen may have unnecessarily inflamed the local gay community.

Nobody expects ALIPAC to welcome open neo-Nazis or Klan members at their rallies. Anyone who shows up at a Tea party rally with a Nazi or Klan symbol can be assumed to be an agent provocateur. But when Gheen starts smearing distinguished patriots like Tom Tancredo with the Nazi tinge, it's time to call him out. ALIPAC is unworthy of public support until William Gheen dissociates himself from the organization. I still suspect of him of being a false-flag operative designed to divide and cripple the immigration reform movement.


Anonymous said...

Has any of the cowards ever thought what would happen if they just went ahead and embraced the term "Nazi", "racist", "supremacist", or whatever.. Then got back to the real battles of fighting the fight for what they know is right? I simply can not imagine that the greatest people to ever walk the earth would voluntarily lay down and except their own children's genocide of our nation and our race just because the scum of the planet call them little names! People like that do not deserve the freedom which we are standing up for. JT Ready- White Civil Rights Activist

obbop said...

Banned from the ALIPAC forum with my many posts removed I left and never looked back.

Other anti-invasion Web sites such as NumbersUSA are MUCH more effective at their efforts and I do not receive from those sites the subjective feeling they are operated by those with more concern about promulgating a personal agenda than actually stopping the ongoing invasion of the USA.