Thursday, April 8, 2010

Alvaro "Acuaro" Arriaga-Luna Now Officially A Suspect In The Murder Of Stephanie Williams In Salt Lake City

Alvaro "Acuaro" Arriaga-Luna, now officially a suspect in the death of Stephanie Williams

A third member of the now-becoming-infamous Arriaga-Luna family has been declared an official suspect in the April 4th murder of Salt Lake City resident Stephanie Williams. First introduced in this previous post, an April 8th Salt Lake Tribune story entitled "Confession links two brothers to slayings" clears up some of the initial confusion. Also see this updated Deseret News story, this KSL story, and this KSTU story. It would also be helpful if the different media outlets would start referring to these suspects by the same names each time; a little LDS-style correlation is clearly in order here.

Police originally brought the 21-year-old Alvaro in for questioning on Tuesday April 6th but did not have enough evidence or probable cause to arrest him, and so he was released, said Salt Lake City police Detective Pat Wilkinson. He is believed to be driving a white 1997 Ford Crown Victoria with a police interceptor package. It has a Utah license plate B653EK.

So far, Benjamin Arriaga-Luna, identified as an illegal alien by KSL Channel 5, appears to be the key to the whole case. Benjamin Arriaga-Luna had already turned himself in to police because he learned he was a person of interest in the murder of 19-year-old Stephanie Williams. During the interview, he confessed to shooting and killing Benacio Hernandez-Herrera, whose body was discovered on Sunday April 4th, 2010 by passersby in a field near 6400 West and 7400 South in West Jordan. Benjamin Arriaga-Luna told police he and Hernandez-Herrera got into a fight, after which he shot Hernandez-Herrera numerous times. He told officers he bought the gun on the street and then sold it for $200 after the shooting. Benjamin was previously deported after he was convicted on felony drug charges in 2004, but he sneaked back in. Read probable cause statement HERE.

On Tuesday April 6th, Benjamin's brother, Delfino Arriaga-Luna, also identified as an illegal alien, was arrested for the murder of Stephanie Williams and booked into the Salt Lake County Jail for aggravated murder, possession of a firearm by a restricted person and armed robbery. Delfino is also said to have been involved romantically with Stephanie Williams. The circumstances were described in a murky fashion in this KSL story, and the probable cause statement is available HERE.

The Tribune's confession story makes it less murky. According to jail documents, Benjamin Arriaga-Luna, Delfino Arriaga-Luna, and Alvaro "Acuaro" Arriaga-Luna told Delfino's wife to go to a hotel Sunday night with her two toddlers because someone owed them money and "things were going to happen." All three of them left home about 9 p.m. Later that night, one of the brothers spoke on the phone with a friend of Stephanie Williams, Victor Manuel Sanchez, according to police statements. The brothers were at Williams' house, near 700 West and 300 North, and were holding her hostage because of a debt she owed, Sanchez told police. Sanchez said he heard a scream and the call was disconnected. Another witness reported hearing gunfire coming from the house.

On Monday morning, Sanchez went to Delfino Arriaga-Luna's home to look for Stephanie Williams. Delfino Arriaga-Luna and Williams were not there, so Sanchez decided to kidnap Delfino's wife and the two toddlers and use them to force Delfino to free Williams. When When Sanchez learned Williams had been killed, he took Delfino's wife to Williams' home and told police there the woman knew the people responsible for Williams' death. Victor Sanchez has been arrested on suspicion of kidnapping. KSTU Channel 13 video embedded below:


So if you're keeping score, Delfino has been arrested for the Williams murder, Benjamin has been arrested for a different murder, Alvaro is now a suspect in the Williams murder, and an unrelated person, Victor Sanchez, has been arrested for kidnapping. The Tribune also reveals that there is an unidentified fourth Arriaga-Luna brother who is now in prison in Oregon for an immigration conviction.

Four illegal aliens in one family, two who are now accused of murder. Yet people want us to show compassion towards illegal aliens, and allow them to stay in this country by buying their way in. If these scumbags had been picked up earlier for immigration violations, Stephanie Williams and Benacio Hernandez-Herrera would still be alive today.

The Tribune also informs us that Stephanie Williams isn't exactly an angel. She was known as "Dookie" to her friends, who said she regularly took to the streets to escape problems in her home. If she wasn't sleeping in Jackson Park, Williams was scribbling graffiti there. Her marks included "BOE," which stood for "bang on everything," and "Dookie 116." The numbers were the last three digits of Williams' ZIP code.

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