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Last Two Suspects In Home Invasion And Mob Assault On D.J. Bell And Dan Fair In South Salt Lake Arrested In Las Vegas, Will Be Extradited To Utah

The last two of the seven suspects in the home invasion and mob assault on D.J. Bell and Dan Fair in South Salt Lake on July 4th, 2008 were tracked down and arrested in Las Vegas, Nevada and will be extradited to Utah. Lisa Rita Aiono, 26, and Ricky Ian Peace, 33, were arrested on Thursday March 25th, 2010 in Las Vegas, according to the Salt Lake County District Attorney's office, who said the pair will be extradited back to Utah. Media stories from KSL Channel 5, the Salt Lake Tribune, and KSTU Channel 13. KSL news video embedded below:

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The six-page charging document is still available HERE. The following five suspects have already been arraigned in 3rd District Court and have scheduling hearings on April 20. They're all out on bail, which worries D.J. Bell because he says some of the seven have threatened to find out where he's currently living and come back to finish the job. Their identities and charges:

-- Tapululululu Latu, 30, charged with riot, a third-degree felony. It is believed she deliberately waited until after her five "homies" staged the home invasion before calling 911.

-- Marsha Rae Finau, 30, charged with riot, a third-degree felony.

-- Angelina Janae Dibella, 31, charged with riot, a third-degree felony and assault, a class A misdemeanor.

-- Ieti David Mageo, 32, charged with aggravated burglary and aggravated assault, first-degree felonies, and riot, a third-degree felony. Mageo also has a criminal history of previous home invasions.

-- Ietitaia Tavita Nuusila, 26, charged with aggravated burglary and aggravated assault, first-degree felonies; riot, a third-degree felony; assault, a class A misdemeanor; and giving false personal information to a peace officer, a class A misdemeanor.

The last two will be arraigned upon their return:

-- Ricky Ian Peace, 33, charged with aggravated burglary and aggravated assault, first-degree felonies, and riot, a third-degree felony. Incriminated by the testimony of his wife, Lisa Aiono, on Day Two of the D.J. Bell child kidnapping trial.

-- Lisa Rita Aiono, 26, charged with riot, a third-degree felony. On Day Two of the child kidnapping trial of D.J. Bell, Lisa testified that she ran over to Bell's home, but denied harming him. She said her husband, Ricky Peace, participated in the beating. Thus she incriminated both herself and Peace, and this will be a factor in the upcoming trial.

The Tribune article provides more specific details not previously disclosed about who perpetrated the assaults. Dan Fair told police Mageo, Peace and Nuusila came into the house and punched him and hit him with a chair, a frying pan and a television. Peace also allegedly threw a salt shaker at his head. Fair ended up with deep cuts to the head that required staples, a fractured eye socket, a fractured hand, a broken nose and a concussion. D.J. Bell said the other four assailants pulled him from the house by his hair and body-slammed him to the ground. He said a woman cut his neck and chest with a piece of glass. Another woman allegedly kicked him in the forehead. This means all seven people stormed the house, three of them attacking Fair and the other four attacking Bell.

Further details of the July 4th, 2008 confrontation are summarized in this previous post. Bell and Fair also tell their story on the Injustice801 website, and this case has been previously documented on this blog in this series of posts, in reverse chronological order.

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