Thursday, February 25, 2010

Amy Teresa Ricks Pleads Guilty To Aggravated Assault In Salt Lake City After Blindfolding Her Husband, Then Conking Him On Head With Hammer

Update April 19th: Amy Ricks sentenced to 30-day wrist slap. You just know that had it been a man attacking a woman with hammer, he would have been buried in Draper for 10 years. What a crock!

Marital relationships can produce a lot of headaches. But few are greater than the "headache" experienced by Joel Ricks on May 4th, 2007 when his wife, Amy Teresa Ricks, told him she had a "surprise" for him, blindfolded him, led him to the basement of her mother's Holladay, Utah condo, sat him down, spun him around, told him to count to 100 and then began striking him with a hammer.

Fortunately, Joel Ricks ended up in better shape than other victims. After suffering several blows, Joel Ricks removed the blindfold and grabbed the hammer, although he was unable to get it away from his wife, who continued trying to hit him. He fled to a neighboring condo, where he asked the residents to call 911. Amy Ricks, who went looking for her husband, also called 911. She was arrested about two miles away. Joel, who suffered only minor injuries, told sheriff's deputies that sleeping bags had been spread on the floor under his feet, and that nearby he saw a 9-inch-long kitchen knife inside a plastic bag.

Which is why Amy Ricks was initially charged in 3rd District Court with second-degree felony attempted murder. Since then, she has pleaded guilty to aggravated assault, which is also a second-degree felony, but prosecutors also agreed to reduce the conviction to a third-degree felony after Ricks completes probation. In addition, prosecutors also agreed to allow Ricks to seek expungement of the crime after seven years. Defense attorneys Susanne Gustin and Gilbert Athay called the expungement agreement a crucial part of the plea deal because of HB21, which is legislation that would no longer allow the expungement of any violent felony. This is the same Susanne Gustin who helped successfully defend D.J. Bell against bogus charges of child kidnapping. Sentencing is set for April 19th before Judge William Barrett. See KSL Channel 5 report HERE:

According to the Washington Post, the two are still married, although separated. Story also picked up by the Deseret News.

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Anonymous said...

I am surprised that Rick has not divorced his estranged wife! This is not right, but in the eyes of the Judge that Amy can get off with just Probation and 30 days in the Slammer with a slap on the wrist? I think not, but again, I am not a judge.....