Sunday, February 28, 2010

American Renaissance Editor Jared Taylor Appears On Russia Today To Discuss How Anti-Racist Terrorists Tried To Shut Down The AR 2010 Conference

Attacks on free speech in the United States originate from a number of sources. One of the most common sources is the anti-racist lobby, whose purpose it is to impose political subordinacy and second-class citizenship upon America's White community. Anti-racists operate under the presumption that since Whites in the past oppressed other races such as Blacks and American Indians, that the Whites of today, who did not participate in or perpetuate that macroscale oppression, are required to take a back seat on America's "political bus". They invent false doctrines such as so-called "white privilege" to impose racial guilt upon the White community. And any White person who denounces this double standard, or who merely calls for genuine equality, is immediately mobbed and labeled as "racist"; recently, former ESPN jock-sniffer Keith Olbermann, in his current incarnation as a MSNBC entertainer, dropped any residual pretense of objectivity and denounced all Whites as inherently "racist".

One of the most recent victims of the anti-racist lobby is the head of the New Century Foundation, Jared Taylor, who's better known as the editor of American Renaissance magazine. Taylor defines himself as a race realist who does not believe in the forced integration of the races, and considers forced diversity and multiculturalism to be inherently destabilizing. Unlike most within the White Nationalist community, Jared Taylor is philo-Semitic; he does not accept the traditional White Nationalist notion that white Jews are not and can never be considered White.

Recently Taylor announced the annual American Renaissance Conference, during which race realists from all over the United States assemble to hear inspiring speakers and to renew fellowships. It was scheduled to occur in Washington, D.C. from February 19-21. Upon public announcement, anti-racist activists, led by Daryle Lamont Jenkins of One People's Project and Jeffrey Imm of a shadowy group known as Responsible for Equality and Liberty (R.E.A.L.), went on the attack. They contacted the hotels which had agreed to host the AR 2010 Conference and psychologically terrorized them into booting the Conference, promising boycotts and even gratuitous violence. Four successive hotels yielded to their intimidation. You can read a summarization published on American Renaissance, and more detailed coverage at Occidental Dissent and on White Reference.

After the fact, the American media, infested with political correctness, expressed little interest in the story, and no interest in presenting Jared Taylor's point of view. However, the Russian media, with a greater commitment to free speech, did express an interest in Taylor's perspective, and interviewed him on Russia Today. YouTube video embedded below:

Ironic that a media outlet in the former Communist heartland would be willing to interview Jared Taylor, isn't it? Makes you wonder who really won the Cold War, doesn't it? America is clearly more Communist than Russia at the present time.

Guess what? The anti-racists did NOT win final victory. At the last moment, Jared Taylor convened a rump version of the American Renaissance conference at a restaurant in Herndon, VA on February 20th. As many as 75 of the originally-committed 200 activists showed up, and at least half the originally-scheduled speakers were present.

The fact is that the strength of the anti-racist lobby is clearly exaggerated. They make a lot of noise to disguise their lack of depth. This was recently demonstrated in Washington D.C. when Jeffrey Imm proclaimed his intent to stage an anti-racist "rally". A couple of people from Occidental Dissent showed up to film the "spectacle"; watch the video below:

What a joke! Responsible for Equality and Liberty is basically little more than a one-man operation driven by a professional crank.

The anti-racist lobby is clearly nothing to be feared. They're bullies who can be backed down through assertiveness.

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