Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Nationalist Party Of America Presidential Candidate Billy Roper Foreshadows The Breakup Of America On The Nolan Chart Libertarian Website

As of this date, the Barack Obama Administration is not even a year old, yet frustrations over his election and administration have metastasized to the point where there is not only a new political party being established, but its founder has already declared himself to be a candidate for President of the United States in 2012.

Billy Roper, better known by some as the Chairman of the White Revolution organization based in Russellville, Arkansas, has launched the Nationalist Party of America (NPA), and has declared himself its presidential candidate. Although Roper himself is a proponent of racial nationalism, the NPA platform is actually a hybrid mix of racial populism, libertarianism, and constitutionalism. One of the more unique aspects of his platform is his advocacy of reforming the concept of intellectual property; he is the only candidate I've seen who wants to accomplish the genuine copyright reform necessary to promote the most vigorous and unfettered exchange of ideas possible. He even proposes to abolish the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) of 1998 (Senator Orrin Hatch is a notorious proponent of DMCA).

But what's of particular interest in this post is a series of articles Billy Roper (pictured at left) has published on The Nolan Chart, a website dedicated to libertarian discourse. A complete list of Roper's articles is available HERE. Among them are, as of this date, three posts in which he foresees the breakup and alteration of the United States beginning as early as the 2010 decade. The three posts addressing this scenario are (in chronological order):

-- Future News. Published December 30th, 2009; New Years Eve news broadcast ten years from now. Part 1.
-- New Years Day 2020. Published January 1st, 2010; a fictional conjecture of what a news broadcast ten years from now might contain. Part 2.
-- Future News Part 3. Published January 4th, 2010; January 2020 News broadcast, speculative fiction.

Because the articles are copyrighted, they cannot be cross-posted here without permission, although they can be excerpted and summarized under Fair Use criteria.

Scenario: Sometime during this decade, the stability of the United States becomes strained to the breaking point because of mass immigration, excessive diversity, and catastrophic debt. While these problems pre-date the Obama Administration, his policies are exacerbating these problems. As a result of the breakdown, a new United States begins to coalesce, while the destruction of American influence abroad triggers conflicts between other countries. The southwest (and southern Florida) will become a Republic of Aztlan, recognized by other Latin American countries. The southeast will become a Republic of New Africa. The Northeast will fall under a U.N. protectorate, while the West Coast and Alaska will fall under a Chinese protectorate (most likely because the U.S. will be unable to pay its debts to China). A Nationalist government will take power in the United States to preserve independence for the rest of the country; it will unite the Canadian prairie provinces with the U.S. and recognize Quebecois independence in exchange for their help in getting Ontario into the union.

What's even more interesting about this scenario is the prominent role Billy Roper assigns to Utah...and to Utah Mormons. By profession, Roper is a history teacher; his incorporation of Mormons into his scenario indicates that he has researched the history of the state and of the LDS Church in depth. He appears to have acquired a strong respect for LDS organizational capabilities and constitutional fidelity. He refers to Utah as "Deseret" in his scenario. Here are some excerpts:

From the first article: "In tomorrow's broadcast, hear a live report from the front lines in southern Deseret, where LDS troops are fighting a grueling desert campaign against Aztlan probing attacks".

From the second article: "Tensions out west remain high after L.D.S. separatist commandos from Deseret claimed responsibility for a raid on the Aztlan border station in Grand Junction last week, during which several Mexican military advisors were killed. Delegations from Spokane and Boise arrived in the capital Wednesday to petition Congress for more troops to help stop Chinese incursions across the Columbia Plateau. At a news conference under the arch, representatives from both the Idaho National Guard and the Free Washington State Militia praised the L.D.S. for their actions, and urged the rest of streamlined America to join them in their two-fronted fight. In response, a column of some 5,000 volunteer mounted infantry are reportedly moving southwards from Calgary to cross the former border in support of their new fellow Americans".

And from the third article: "The L.D.S. Air Force bombing of Parker Dam, formerly known as the chokepoint of the Colorado River, has continued despite Mexican Army rebuilding efforts for eight months now, as has the Deseret forces occupation of the Hoover dam 155 miles further north. This spike through the jugular of Aztlan has caused the mass evacuations of Phoenix, San Diego, and Riverside due to a lack of drinking water. The Central Arizona Project and the Colorado River Aqueduct are dry now, and this action has made it possible for American forces to solidify defensive lines from Northern California to the suburbs of Denver. U.S. Air Force bombing of the evacuated cities in order to prevent their reoccupation has been considered, despite concern over fallout drift into American territory".

Billy Roper's knowledge of and respect for LDS history and tradition is admirable, but what he doesn't know is that, in such a scenario, the LDS authorities themselves (the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve) would not assume governance of Utah themselves, but a secular patriotic government possibly dominated by Mormons would take power. Mormon prophetic scenarios have referred to a "Council of Fifty" which could take power. Idaho independent gubernatorial candidate Rex Rammell, who is LDS, has been conducting a controversial series of lectures on the White Horse Prophecy, a catastrophic scenario which has been since officially disavowed by LDS authorities.

The scenario laid out by Billy Roper is plausible. As Barack Obama spends our money like a drunken sailor, he increases our national indebtedness to the breaking point. A January 5th article in the Philadelphia Bulletin projects that America's national debt could soon exceed its GDP, as early as towards the end of the Obama Administration. China holds a large portion of our debt. If civil strife was to break out, China might be tempted to capitalize by demanding "concessions" in lieu of debt repayment. Such concessions could, in extreme circumstances, consist of the establishment of a Chines "protectorate" over certain American enterprises, or even American territory. Roper's scenario should not be discounted at first glance.

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