Thursday, December 17, 2009

YouTube Video: Kirk Graves Discusses The Susan Powell Case On NBC's Today Show, Susan Powell's Family Holds Washington Press Conference

The Susan Powell case has now gone viral nationally; NBC's Today Show picked up on it on December 17th, 2009. Matt Lauer interviewed a number of principals connected with the case, most notably Kirk Graves, who is the brother of Susan Powell. You can also visit the Susan Powell Facebook page HERE.

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Summary (provided for those who have difficulty listening to the YouTube video embedded below): The segment is eight minutes long. During the first 5:30, there was a local media report, followed by commentary from Jennifer Graves, who admitted that it was possible that Josh Powell could have spontaneously decided to take his kids camping on a school night with a major winter storm bearing down upon the campsite at Simpson Springs. Then West Valley City Asst. Police Chief Craig Black was interviewed, and expressed his frustration over Powell not being completely forthcoming. He would not discuss the contents of Susan Powell's notebook. When asked by Matt Lauer if Powell's behavior was normal or suspicious for someone in that predicament, Black took a middle ground and characterized Powell's behavior as "abnormal".

YouTube video embedded below. Looks like the videographer simply pointed the camera at the T.V., may be difficult for some people to understand:

At the 5:30 point, Kirk Graves appears. Graves also believes that Josh Powell could be cooperating more with police to resolve the disappearance of Susan Powell. The Deseret News also reports that Graves told ABC News that he expects Josh Powell to be arrested within a week. But West Valley police say that didn't come from them. "We're very surprised he would make that comment. We don't know why, what basis he's using to make that comment," Capt. Tom McLachlan said.

KSL Channel 5 is also reporting that police said they had interviewed the Powells' 4-year-old son, and he told investigators that he did go camping with his dad. But McLachlan declined to answer any other questions regarding that interview, such as whether the boy clarified whether they went camping on the day Josh Powell said they did or if he meant a different time, or where they went.

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Susan Powell's family, meanwhile, held a news conference Thursday afternoon in their hometown of Puyallup, Wash. Shelby Gifford, a spokeswoman for Susan Powell's family, said they weren't surprised authorities named the husband a person of interest given the events and his reactions to them in the past week. "We know that Susan is an excellent mother and would not have tolerated her children being taken out of the home after midnight to go camping in dangerously cold conditions," Gifford said. More complete summary of press conference available in this Seattle Times report. KSTU Channel 13 has the whole press conference available; video embedded below:

And also just in: KTVX Channel 4 is now reporting that crime scene investigators re-entered the Powell home on Thursday December 17th, sealing off the street surrounding the West Valley City neighborhood. Forensic teams were seen entering the home and leaving with evidence to be taken in for analysis.

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