Wednesday, December 16, 2009

West Valley City Cop Craig Black Says Josh Powell Continues To Be Uncooperative In Resolving The Disappearance Of Susan Powell

Missing: Susan Powell - She is 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs about 130 pounds, with brown hair and blue eyes.

Those who believe that Josh Powell had nothing to do with the December 6th disappearance of his wife Susan Powell are about to get their confidence rocked to the core. KTVX Channel 4 has just published a story about an interview with West Valley City Assistant Police Chief Craig Black that has potentially devastating implications. A similar story has been published by KSL Channel 5.

All posts on this case available HERE, with the most recent post displaying first. You can also visit the Susan Powell Facebook page HERE.

Contrary to the previous assertions by Powell's lawyer Scott Williams that Josh Powell has been cooperative with police, Chief Black claims that Powell has not been fully cooperative. Chief Black acknowledges that Powell did show up for a meeting on Tuesday December 15th, and did submit a DNA sample, he failed to give more than a few perfunctory answers to their questions. Black said that during the interview, Josh would only help identify her personal items while refusing to answer questions regarding her disappearance. "As far as specific questions that would help us locate her, he would not answer those questions," Black said.

Black also said that investigators asked Josh to accompany them to the camping site at Simpson Springs on the historic Pony Express trail in Tooele County where he claimed to have taken the couples two young sons on the night Susan disappeared, and that Josh declined their request. Black also said investigators had no plans to return to the campsite unless Josh went with them. As for any criminal investigation, Black said, "You can't have a suspect unless you have a crime. It's important that the community understands that. We have not ruled out that there has not been a crime committed. In fact, we're suspicious that there was."

Further fueling the drama and uncertainty is a Deseret News report that a notebook that Susan Powell kept in her desk at work, possibly containing information about her relationship with her husband, was among the items seized by investigators last week. The notebook allegedly details threats made against the missing West Valley City woman about a year ago. The source of the threats has not been disclosed. Because of these developments, police now include the possibility of foul play, even though they still lack the evidence pointing them in any one direction, and have confirmed that they now consider Powell a "person of interest" in the case. However, police note that there are other persons of interest, and Powell is NOT yet a suspect. Powell's attorney Scott Williams had no comment on these developments.

The December 15th Salt Lake Tribune story about alleged marital discord within the Powell household has now been picked up by KSL Channel 5. Rachel Marini, one of the people who reportedly urged Susan Powell to get a divorce after Josh became too controlling, has been interviewed by KSL. In one instance, Marini said after a road trip with the Powells she became so disgusted with the way Josh treated Susan that she didn't want to have anything to do with him anymore, but she kept in contact with Susan through Facebook and e-mail. Watch news video below:

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In addition, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports that Susan Powell's friend, Kiirsi Hellewell, described Susan as a "girly girl" who liked to get dressed up when she went out with friends and make blankets for friends at church. She said that winter camping trip seemed out-of-character. "They might go camping, but they would not do it in the winter, they would not do it in the middle of night and they wouldn't do it when they were expected at work the next day," she said.

The Salt Lake Tribune also discloses that a spokeswoman for Susan Powell's father, Charles Cox, said he would be traveling to Seattle this afternoon. The spokeswoman, Shelby Gifford, also said the family would not be scheduling any additional interviews unless there is a "major break" in the case. Cox has previously expressed belief in his son-in-law's innocence. The family again expressed thanks for the public support they've received and the efforts of the West Valley City Police Department to find Susan Powell.

People Magazine has now picked up the story and are comparing it to the Laci Peterson case. Many locals are already comparing it to the Lori Hacking case. And Josh Powell's refusal to lead investigators to the spot where he camped merely exacerbates those comparisons. How could leading the cops to his campsite jeopardize his Fifth Amendment rights?



Anonymous said...

Well, I think you can now stop saying "alleged marital discord", since several neighbors and friends have spoken to various news outlets about witnessing Josh's controlling, manipulative, emotionally abusive behaviors towards her. This statement also places shared blame on her. Why? Don't you see this? Another problem with all the reporting is that no one is talking about the elephant in the room: the Powell's were in or had been attending couples counseling (dangerous and deadly in abusive relationships) through LDS Family services or some other program that doesn't get domestic violence and safety issues for victims.

Deseret Dawg said...

I wasn't aware that the Powells had actually gone through formal marriage counseling; the media has been downplaying that aspect.

And yes, I suppose the marital discord is no longer "alleged".

Ryan M. said...

Confidence rocked to the core, schmonfidence rocked to the core.

He has a good lawyer. There is nothing wrong with him refusing to work with the police. See the link below. (The video is a little long but it makes perfect sense to me.)

Deseret Dawg said...

Ryan - I watched the referenced video, and it's one I've seen before.

But it still doesn't resolve the question as to why Powell has refused to lead investigators to his campsite. If he didn't snuff his wife and bury her out there, I still don't understand how he's jeopardizing his Fifth Amendment rights. He could even bring his attorney along.

If the objective is to find his wife, then one would think he'd be a bit more cooperative with the people charged with the responsibility of finding his wife.

And if you don't think public opinion is turning against Powell, wade through the mass of comments at the various media links I've provided. Even if much of the opinion is emotional and off the cuff, it still shows the community doubts Powell's story. That could taint a prospective jury pool.