Monday, December 7, 2009

Utahns Can Meet Both Senate Candidate Cherilyn Eagar And Sarah Palin At The Salt Lake Costco Book Signing On December 9th; Costco Membership Required

Utah U.S. Senate Republican candidate Cherilyn Eagar, who is now the leading Republican challenger for incumbent Bob Bennett's Senate seat, announces that she will be present at Sarah Palin's book signing to be held at the Salt Lake City Costco at 1800 South 300 West from 12 Noon until 3 P.M. on Wednesday December 9th, 2009. Costco employees will begin distributing tickets at 10 A.M.; only 1,000 tickets will be distributed, and it's first come, first serve. You will be required to be a Costco member and show a receipt proving that you bought 'Going Rogue' at a Costco warehouse in order to get a ticket (call 801-485-9715 to verify); such proof has been required at Palin's other Costco appearances. A basic membership costs $50 per year.

Update: According to a new Deseret News story, those who do not have Costco memberships will get the opportunity to purchase one and buy a copy of Going Rogue before Sarah Palin arrives for her appearance.

Those who want to meet Eagar as well should form up with the "Eagar to Support Sarah Palin" group in the Costco parking lot beginning at 11 A.M. Cherilyn Eagar asks that anyone wanting to join the fans can RSVP to an e-mail address provided on Eagar's official campaign website.

One caveat. Forming up with this group will not give you a preferential opportunity to get a ticket to buy the book. The tickets will be distributed by Costco personnel beginning at 10 A.M.; it's first come, first serve. That's because there is no official connection between Sarah Palin and the Eagar for Senate campaign; Sarah Palin has neither officially endorsed Cherilyn Eagar, nor has Eagar claimed any official endorsement from Palin, although Eagar takes pride in being compared with Palin.

KSL has now done a story on the lead-up to this event. Fans are already preparing to camp out overnight on Tuesday night.

Here's another story from KSTU Channel 13 showing Palin fans already lining up outside of Costco on Tuesday night in single-digit temperatures:


Utah Republican Party Chairman Dave Hansen is a bit unhappy that Sarah Palin is stopping in Utah merely to sign books, and wishes she would do more for the party in Utah.


Anonymous said...

I understand that there has been no endorsement (yet) by either of these women . . . but wouldn't it be great if there was some sort of acknowledgement of how similar their beliefs are?

Dave D said...

Palin and Eagar are both awesome, conservative women. Hopefully, I'll be able to attend. Cherilyn Eagar puts Bennett to shame. I haven't decided which challenger to support against Bennett, yet, but Eagar would WAY better than Bennett.

--Dave Duncan

Deseret Dawg said...

Anonymous - The similarities of their beliefs are quite obvious once you visit Eagar's website.

Red Meat Man said...

Both these women are nuts, but Sarah looks great in shorts. Come on Eager, show us what you've got!