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The Susan Powell Story: Is West Valley City's Josh Powell A Possible Victim, Or Is He The White "O.J. Simpson"?

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Missing: Susan Powell - She is 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs about 130 pounds, with brown hair and blue eyes.

By now, a majority of Americans undoubtedly believe that O.J. Simpson killed Nicole Simpson. While he may not have had homicidal intent when he knocked on Nicole's door that night, it's possible that when she saw him, she pulled out a butcher knife, they struggled, O.J. chimped out and carved her up. Of course, Ron Goldman walked in right in the heat of the struggle, and got carved up himself, too. This is the theory presented in the book, "How I Helped O.J. Get Away With Murder", and it's quite plausible.

The possibility of a similar crime committed in West Valley City, Utah on December 6th, 2009 must also be reluctantly considered, and on December 14th, Josh Powell, the husband of the missing 28-year-old Susan Powell, hired an attorney and stopped talking to the media. But Powell didn't hire just any attorney - he retained high-profile mouthpiece Scott Williams, who has been involved in the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping case in which he represented co-defendant Wanda Barzee in both her state and federal court proceedings. KSTU Channel 13 news video embedded below:

Here's what we do know, from the latest Deseret News story. Susan Powell has not been seen since December 7th. Josh Powell told police that he left his house about midnight on December 6th to go camping with their two sons, ages 2 and 4. He said they went to the Simpson Springs recreation area in Tooele County. Temperatures that night were well below 32 degrees. Powell slept with his boys inside their van. Investigators subsequently searching that area said they could neither prove nor disprove Powell was there, due to a layer of fresh snow.

On December 7th, when neither John nor Susan Powell reported for work (Susan is a stockbroker at Wells Fargo Financial), nor did their two kids show up at daycare, Josh Powell's mother got a call from both agencies reporting the absences. When Powell's mother arrived at Powell's house, the doors were locked, and there were no signs of forced entry. She called police, who broke a window to get into the house after their arrival, fearing possible carbon monoxide poisoning. Inside, they found two fans directed at a spot on a floor that was wet. They also found some items belonging to Susan Powell like her purse and cell phone, that one would normally take when leaving the house.

But no Susan Powell.

Around 5 P.M. on December 7th, Josh Powell and his two sons returned from their sudden camping trip. Again, no Susan Powell. Police interviewed Josh Powell that same evening, and asked him to come in again this week for follow-up questions. There was speculation he would be interviewed on Monday December 14th, but as of Monday afternoon, he had not shown up at the West Valley City Police Department. At least 30 detectives are reported to be working the case. Police do NOT officially consider Powell a suspect yet.

JoVanna Owings told KSL-TV she had dinner with the Powells the afternoon of December 6th, but said there were no indication of any problems or anything different than normal. She also said Susan was wearing a long-sleeve black shirt and black pants. But she also noted that there was no mention of camping that afternoon, although she says Josh told her he was going to take the boys sledding. This in itself is suspicious, because if a guy was planning to take his kids camping, he'd be talking about it in advance, particularly if it was on the same day. KSL news video of Owings interview embedded below:

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Another finding worth noting is that court records show Josh Powell filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2007 with nearly $188,000 in unsecured debt, including a nearly $60,000 debt for student loans and $90,000 owed to a collection agency.

Even though Powell himself has clammed up, Shelby Gifford, a spokeswoman for Powell's family, told The Associated Press Sunday that there's an overriding feeling of helplessness. "It's really difficult not to have an idea of where she is so that we can even concentrate our search someplace." She also said that Powell's children are weathering the ordeal. "The family is making a huge effort just to insulate them from ... the stress and trauma of all of this and they seem to be holding up all right."

Charles Cox, the father of Susan Powell, is asking people not to focus so much on Josh Powell, saying "I don't see him as capable of harming her. I'm kind of concerned that all the focus is on him." Cox had just participated in a 24-hour fast for Susan Powell at the LDS Church's Hunter Central Stake Center. About one hundred friends, neighbors and family showed up to pray and hope for Susan Powell's return. Visit the Susan Powell Facebook page HERE.

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