Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dr. David Duke Speaks Out About The War On Christmas And Identifies The Anti-Defamation League And Other Perpetrators

Christmas is supposed to be a time of peace, joy, and giving. Originally started by Christians to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the observance has since spread to those of many different faiths, and even those who choose no religious faith.

Yet there are grinches who would spoil the festive season through political correctness. One of the leading purveyors of hatred against Christmas in the Anti-Defamation League. While certainly not representative of nor elected by the Jewish community in general, the ADL, because of its ability to manipulate the media by playing the victim card, has become identified as an authoritative voice of the Jewish community. Who can forget about the ADL's war against Mel Gibson for attempting to faithfully portray the life of Christ in the movie "Passion of the Christ"? In a 2007 posting entitled "December Dilemma", they actually attack and weaken the sanctity of Christmas under the guise of "tolerance".

But there's even more to the war against Christmas. In the 10-minute video embedded below, prominent White civil rights advocate Dr. David Duke discusses the war against Christmas in greater depth - identifying the perpetrators by name.

Contrary to the mass media's defamation campaign against him, Dr. Duke takes no issue with Jewish existence, but instead focuses on a specific form of behavior identified as Jewish supremacism. Extremists thus motivated are responsible for the war against Christmas - and, in some cases, against Christians. The deplorable practice of spitting on Christians in Jerusalem, perpetrated by extremist Orthodox Jews and haredi, is described in this Jerusalem Post report. Dr. Duke's analysis of "Jesus in the Talmud" is available HERE.

When we Christians wish people a Merry Christmas, we are conveying good wishes. Since no offense is intended, none should be taken. Likewise, if anyone wishes us a Happy Hanukkah, we Christians should not and generally do not take offense either. If someone merely prefers to wish us Happy Holidays, we should not take offense, but respond in kind. It is time to get political correctness out of our holidays.


Jason The said...

You've seriously got some problems, my man.

To your credit, though, you don't even attempt to hide your racism.

Deseret Dawg said...

That's because racism is not necessarily a bad thing. It only becomes bad when it is used as an excuse for criminal behavior, as in the case of misfits like Curtis Allgier.

Racism is merely the belief that race matters. And as long as it matters to the elite, who impose anti-White racist policies such as affirmative action upon us, it will matter to me as a defensive response.

happy holidays said...

Is this the same David Duke who was in the KKK?
The ADL didn't attack Mel Gibson for "faithfully portraying" the life of Christ, they attacked him for choosing the most anti-Semitic version of the passion that the Catholic church had stopped performing because it so disproportionately cast Jews in an untruthful light.

Happy Holidays!