Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Despite Frigid Single-Digit Temperatures, Up To 1,000 Utahns Show Up To Greet Sarah Palin At The Salt Lake City Costco

Temperatures dropping as low as 3 degrees Fahrenheit overnight did not deter a final total of around 1,000 hard core Utah supporters of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin from showing up on Wednesday December 9th to get her signature on a copy of her book, "Going Rogue". At least 60 of them camped out at the Salt Lake City Costco warehouse the night before to be among the first to meet Palin. Costco managers didn't force them to remain in the parking lot; instead, they let people camp out in the breezeway outside the door, where temperatures were still near-freezing on the concrete floor, but there was some protection from the elements. Heaters were set up and guests were served hot chocolate through the night. Class act, Costco. Both KUTV Channel 2 and KTVX Channel 4 reported that the final total of people who showed up was around 1,000.

Shirley McClay drove down from Logan and arrived at 5:15 p.m. to get the No. 1 spot. "I have a real conviction to elect someone ... who has the same beliefs I have: anti-abortion, less government and more family-oriented," said McClay. "She needs to be supported in her beliefs." Palin and the Costco managers also showed their regard for the military; when Staff Sgt. Tai Ho'o and two other uniformed servicemembers showed up, Costco managers moved the three of them to the front of the line. A number of "Palin look-alikes" also showed up to get their pictures taken with Palin.

Palin was accompanied by her husband, Todd, their infant son Trigg, and her parents and aunt. The family arrived around midnight Tuesday and spent the night at the Hotel Monaco in downtown Salt Lake City. Sarah's mother Sally Heath, who was born in Salt Lake City and lived here for three years before her father was transferred by a chemical company to work at the nuclear facility in Hanford, Washington, said she liked being in a conservative state. "It's kind of preaching to the choir going on here," Sally Heath told the Deseret News. "It's such a good feeling to be with people of like mind and good family values."

-- Salt Lake Tribune photo gallery HERE.
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KSTU Channel 13 also posted a story; their news video embedded below:


And here's a YouTube video from Conservatives4Palin:

But not all Utah Republicans are enamored of Palin. Utah Republican Party Chairman Dave Hansen was disappointed that Sarah Palin would only be signing books during her stop in Utah. Hansen said he tried to arrange some kind of party event since he learned Palin was coming to town. But late last week, Palin's people told him she wasn't doing that kind of thing, even though she allegedly did one such event in Minnesota. "Sometimes I wonder if they forget that it was the Republicans that made her into the position to where she could have a book signing," said Hansen.

It figures. While the elite snobs look down their noses at Palin, mainstream Americans are responding to her message. But it should also be noted that Utah is "Romney Country"; Mitt Romney remains quite popular in the state.

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