Monday, November 30, 2009

Utah Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz Calls On Barack Obama To Withdraw American Troops From Afghanistan

Utah's junior Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz proved once again that he is a genuine conservative by calling upon President Barack Obama to withdraw American forces from Afghanistan on November 30th, 2009. Stories published by the Deseret News, KSL Channel 5, KCPW 88.3 FM, Politico, Firedoglake, and the Salt Lake Crawler.

Read the complete transcript of Chaffetz' speech HERE. He laid out three suggestions; first, go big or go home; second, it is time to bring our troops home; and third, these are the real threats (referring to other threats to America's security).

Speaking at the Hinckley Institute of Politics, Chaffetz said the U.S. military has already gotten rid of Al Qaeda’s base in Afghanistan. “I guess if I had the opportunity to sit with Barack Obama, I would say our troops are the very best troops in the world. What they’ve done has made a huge difference. But Mr. President, it’s time to bring our troops home,” he told the audience. Chaffetz also said American troops aren’t trained in nation building or acting as a police force, and he fears the troops will have to do just that if they remain in Afghanistan. KSTU Channel 13 news video embedded below:


Chaffetz said he likes an idea of former Marines Corps Commandant Chuck Krulak to use hunter-killer teams and what Chaffetz says would be "rules of engagement that allow them to root out the enemy to suppress any al-Qaida entrenchment." Of course, that won't work if the services continue to court-martial Navy SEALs and other commandos who just happen to rough up a terrorist when they catch him. Our troops need to have unfettered permission to do their job in order to be effective. Chaffetz also complained about current rules of engagement that he said endangers troops — such as not allowing them to fire unless fired upon, even if they see someone aiming at them.

Nevertheless, if Obama does decide to keep soldiers there, Chaffetz believes he should give the commanding officers everything they ask for. “So I’m convinced that we can win any war that we decide to take upon ourselves, but we have got to define the mission, we have got to have rules of engagement that allow them to win, and first and foremost, we go big, or we go home,” said Chaffetz.

Chaffetz speaks from personal observation. He noted that he has traveled to Afghanistan and talked to top generals there. He said he wanted to announce his own stand on Afghanistan before Obama so that he would not be accused possibly of simply opposing the president's stand. In a speech to be delivered on December 1st, Obama will unveil his updated strategy, which will include deploying 30,000 to 35,000 additional American troops, as polls show public support for the war dropping and the U.S. and its North Atlantic Treaty Organization allies are facing stiffer resistance from the Taliban. The president has said his main goal is to disable al-Qaeda and other extremist groups that have established a haven in the border region between Afghanistan and Pakistan. The main U.S. objective is to train Afghan army and police forces so they assume a greater share of the fight against the insurgency.

Analysis: Jason Chaffetz' proposals perfectly dovetail with true conservatism. America was intended to be a republic, not an empire. Consequently, the best use of our military forces is to defend the country, not to engage in nation-building, peacekeeping, or wiping babies' asses all over the world. If we must commit American forces outside the country, do it the way we did in Desert Storm. Ensure overwhelming force, give it a clear-cut mission, give it sufficient resources and latitude to accomplish the mission, and then get out when the mission is accomplished.

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