Monday, November 9, 2009

The Story Of Mia Love: The First Black Mayor Of Saratoga Springs, Utah Says Race Is Not An Issue And She's Never Experienced Racism In Utah

Mia Love, pictured with her family

In a previous post about the November 2009 Utah local elections, I posed this question about Saratoga Springs' first Black Mayor Mia Love: Would she be a Condolezza Rice, or a Maxine Waters?

According to a November 9th, 2009 Salt Lake Tribune story entitled "Mia Love: Race not a factor for Utah's first black female mayor-elect", it appears she has modeled herself much more after Condolezza Rice. Love, whose given name is actually Ludmya Love,says that while taxes, growth and quality of life were issues in the campaign, her race was not a factor in the campaign, nor is it a personal factor with her. "It is a physical feature," Love said, sitting in the dining room of her home in the Sunrise Meadows neighborhood. "I am proud to be a member of this community." An additional story has since been published in the Provo Daily Herald.

The 33-year-old mayor-elect, who is married with three kids, also said she's never experienced racism while living in Utah, first in Salt Lake County, then in American Fork before moving to Saratoga Springs in 2001. "I don't have that victim attitude," said Love, a Connecticut native. "If someone doesn't like me, I think it is because of something I did." She hopes that her election would help dispel stereotypes that Utah is racially intolerant. Since being first elected to the Saratoga Springs City Council in 2004, Love has developed a reputation for caring passionately about people. If someone brings a concern to her, she presents it before the council. Love said she has a simple guiding principle for governing: What is in the best interests of the city? While she is willing to give an ear to a resident's concerns, she balances it against the city's best interests.

Further supporting Mia Love's portrayal of the area as racially tolerant is the fact that Love defeated challenger Jeff Francom by a vote of 861 to 594 in a community which, according to, is 92 percent White and only 0.6 percent Black. In contrast, imagine how difficult it would be for a White person to get elected mayor of Detroit, which is 89 percent Black. In American racial politics, what's Black must remain Black, but what's White is always considered up for grabs. But another factor contributing to Saratoga Springs' tolerance is the city's relative "newness". Saratoga Springs was incorporated in 1997, and most of its residents are relative newcomers who share a common experience of living in a fast-growing community during challenging economic times. Thus no long term divisive group mentalities have had an opportunity to germinate.

Naturally, Salt Lake NAACP dominatrix Jeanetta Williams, who is not known to have contributed any support to Love's campaign, was quick to latch onto Love's coattails. Williams said Love's win was "remarkable" and a testament to the work others have done for a century in breaking down prejudice. She credited Love with preparing herself in advance to take advantage of the doors being opened to Black participation. But perhaps the NAACP could increase its own credibility if they would focus more on issues hindering Black empowerment, such as the 70 percent illegitimacy rate within the Black community and disproportionate Black crime, and obsess less with symbols such as the Confederate Battle Flag and "nooses".

Issues confronting Love during the next four years include broadening the city's tax base so it can better weather economic storms, dealing with growth that will come from the National Security Agency's data center at Camp Williams and the impact of the proposed Utah Lake bridge, widely panned as a "Bridge to Nowhere", which would link Saratoga Springs to Orem. As a council member, she supported the $62 million water-delivery contract the city entered into on behalf of the LDS Church, characterizing it as a brilliant long-term planning move. The LDS Church will pick up the tab for the water under the agreement, and it secures a large supply of water for the city in anticipation of future growth.

And this begs another question - is Mia Love LDS? Examination of numerous references does not reveal her religious affiliation. Consequently, she must consider it a private matter, and I would agree, since if religion should not be an issue for Mitt Romney, it should not be an issue for other candidates. In addition, while Mia Love applauds Barack Obama for becoming the first American president of African descent, she does not agree with his politics.

Take note that Utah's progressive bloggers, who claim to be so "anti-racist", have not celebrated or even referred to Mia Love's victory on their blogs. That's because anti-racist white progressives are not interested in promoting black empowerment, but only in perpetuating black entitlement. They know that promoting genuine equality would deprive them of one of their key issues - and perhaps their platform, so they promote false doctrines of white guilt and white privilege to continue to stir up the racial pot. Progressives use charges of racism not to promote dialog, but to suppress it. West Jordan Senator Chris Buttars recognized this in 2008, refused to cave in to it, and got re-elected.

I can understand why the NAACP, the National Council of La Raza, and the ADL play the race card; they're at least advocating for their groups, misguided though they be. But there is no excuse for white progressives bashing the white community - nor can there be any forgiveness for them. Because of their chronic White-bashing, Mormon-bashing, Palin-bashing, hetero-bashing, Utah-bashing, and general America-bashing, progressives aren't merely wrong; they're evil. And one NEVER compromises with evil.


Anonymous said...

By saying that she is modeling herself after Condoleeza Rice, do you mean that mayor-elect Love is pro-torture?

Anonymous said...

As a white male residing in Utah, I must say, "DesertDawg"... you are an absolute IDIOT.

You are a racist to the core, and yet you want to point the finger at the NAACP? Oh, and where does this "Palin-bashing" come from? Palin-bashing? Really? You should have mentioned that in the first sentence instead of waiting until the final paragraph to show your true colors. It's no surprise that this rag was written by a Palin supporter.

Anonymous said...

The first anonymous poster can't even provide an explanation and is a bona fide idiot. REALLY!?! Love is pro torture? What does that even MEAN? Mia is a MAYOR for crying out loud and a good one.

The second poster is a shining pillar of idiocy too on top of being a hard wired jerk and racist. He is probably one of the retarded liberal progressives that like to do the afore mentioned bashing. I will point my finger at the NAACP for being racist any day of the week....because they simply are.

I know people who are in leadership in the NAACP and they ARE racists and this article is spot on correct!

I LOVE how a black, interracially married, female, mormon, mayor in Utah just sets off all the progressives into a blind rage!

I don't even know Mia but from what I've read about her.....let's hope she runs for president some day so we don't have to put up with "progressives" who are killing this country!


Anonymous said...

I agree with the writer regarding how the NAACP can be more of an asset to the African American community by concentrating more on the problems within their communities. However, after reading the entire article it seems the writer accepts Mia and Condi because they for the most part are race neutral. However, for the most part the writer seems very hung up on race. "White bashing" I have heard it all. Race in America is not a "card" to be played. I would think if it were African Americans surely aren't getting a fair deal and the deck is more than often cut unevenly and there is even cheating going on up under the table. It is obvious that the writer doesn't respect Mia as an African American but only as an African American who does not mention that she is one. Being there are hardly any other African Americans in her community Mia does not have to address issues related to that population. To the writer if you are going to cry about one group playing a so called imaginary "race card" you should surely stop whining so much yourself. Ha, "white-bashing" hahahhaha I have heard it all. It a shame how all that "white-bashing" is holding your people back...Right?

Anonymous said...

Utah is the whitest state in the country and my three years there showed me strains in race relations. I lived on an army base and we had much more diversity than the rest of the area, leading to some observed instances of insensitivity and downright ignorant attacks on peoples who rarely if every go to Utah.

This lady is no affiliated any way with the African american community and that is probably why she is popular with the GOP and vise versa.

Anonymous said...

This intelligent talented woman is an American (no hyphen) who doesn't have to rely on playing any guilt card to achieve her goals.

She has done it through education, hard work and determination.

She is a wonderful role model for young women, or anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Mia for successfully winning the mayoral race in Saratoga Springs, UT. As an African-American woman has acheived academic and business success in a number of communities across our country I can applaud Mia's viewpoint of not playing the victim.

However, I can't ignore that many African Americans continue to suffer inequality and injustice in this country and that can't simply be ignored. Those of us who believe in personal responsibility and share a duty to our communities as positive, contributing citizens must remember that everyone does not have the capacity or resources to understand or espouse our conservative values.

It is with this knowledge in mind that we must view each individual based upon his/her circumstances and offer solutions if they are not where they want and should be. A bit of compassion goes a long way in lending a helping hand to those in need due to no fault of there own.

I have personally experienced racism and chose to ignore it when I could and educate when I must. Not everyone has the fortitude to navigate the racial landscape of our country and some end up suffering needlessly as a result.

We can help them gain a positive personal perspective and move forward with dignity. But to ignore their suffering and pretend that every community is similar to that of Saratoga Springs, UT is unkind and unrealistic.

Let's stop buying into the rhetoric of our national politics and pundits and get to know our local elected officials so when we cast our ballots we are informed about how our community will be impacted by Washington's policies.

Anonymous said...

Mia Love is a non issue and a curiousity. She is the child of Haitian immigrants, which means she most likely loathes the thought of taking her education and political savvy back to a country that needs her, but a country with no washers, dryers or air conditioners. Thus she because the voice of some small white priveledged community where the mayor most likely makes less than it's inhabitants, so if you need her, heck...use her...but as an african american 8 generations or more ties to this country, PLEASE stop lumping her and people like barack obama together with NATIVE BORN AFRICAN AMERICANS...newsflash...not the same people...sorta like russians and italians...not the same people...get it?

Christie said...

I agree with the person who posted on 8/31/12 at 3:42pm. Well said, all of it.

As a former Mormon (left of my own accord), I can't understand how Mia can dismiss the history of the church.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Christie, here is how she can ignore the history of the Mormon church. I am a native born African American, I live in a property in a major city that I purchased for $38,000 10 years ago and it is now worth $200,000. I learned from a Nigerian friend that I can sell this house move to Nigeria and live in a mansion for about $50,000. Gate house, winding stairs the whole nine yards. HOWEVER, I would have to cooperate with a system that may be guilty of corruption and historical illwill against it's poor people.

But I get a mansion, the house of my dreams. I would love that but instead I feel an obligation to fight property tax reform and continue to be a part of my American community.

Mia Love enjoys all that her immigration affords her but has little exposure to or empathy for the pain that made her life possible