Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Stockton, Utah Has A New Mayor: Councilman Mark Whitney Crushes Incumbent Dan Rydalch With Over 75 Percent Of The Vote

It's final, if not necessarily official. The city of Stockton, Utah will have a new mayor. With all votes counted in both precincts, challenger Mark Whitney crushed incumbent Dan Rydalch, getting three out of every four votes cast.

The final tally, as posted by Tooele County:

-- Mark Whitney: 173 votes, 75.22 percent
-- Dan Rydalch: 54 votes, 23.48 percent
-- Write-In: 3 votes, 1.30 percent

The vote was heavily influenced by the political flap which ensued when Rydalch suspended a police officer last week after the officer issued a traffic citation to the mayor's son. The City Council promptly reinstated the officer. Rydalch had been mayor for one term. But according to another Tribune story, the election would have been close even without the controversy, because some voters were ready for a change. "I kind of doubt he would have been re-elected anyway," Ronnalee Hessord said. "Mayor Rydalch has his supporters, but a lot of people wanted change."

County officials will have to officially certify the results before Whitney can be sworn in. Afterwards, a replacement for Whitney on the city council will have to be selected.

Video Courtesy of KSL.com

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