Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Petition To Stop Powder Mountain Incorporation By Legislation; Two Utah Lawmakers Pushing "Municipal Disincorporation Amendments"

The Ogden Valley Forum and the Weber County Forum inform us that a new petition is being circulated to stop the proposed incorporation of the Powder Mountain ski resort into a town. This petition is in support of legislation which will plug the gap between the current law and the previous law. The current law grandfathered Powder Mountain's incorporation petition under the previous law, so the incorporation is proceeding apace despite strong local citizen opposition, legitimate traffic safety concerns, and possible environmental degradation.

Two state lawmakers, Representative Gage Froerer and Senator Allen Christensen, are planning to introduce a new bill in the upcoming 2010 state legislative session, which will be substantially similar to last year's H.B. 201. Entitled "Municipal Disincorporation Amendments", it will apply only to town incorporation petitions currently pending under the provisions of the 2007 HB466 law (in effect from June 2007 to March 2008), which allowed incorporation of a town and selection of town officers by large, non-resident property owners without any participation of the voters of the town. The proposed change would remove the requirement for a 24-month waiting period prior to a disincorporation election, allowing the voters of the town to decide immediately whether or not a town is in the best interest of the majority of citizens and property owners.

You must be 18 or older to sign the petition. To further enhance its credibility, it is recommended that signers either be Utah residents or have a tangible Utah connection (such as relatives in the state, etc.).

Read and sign petition HERE.

Visit the PowderMountainCitizensRights website for more information; read an excellent summary of the history of this issue HERE. Read this Ogden Valley Forum post which discusses the traffic safety problems exposed during the Powder Mountain Motocross in August 2009. There have also been incidences of vandalism directed against Ogden Valley property owners who visibly oppose the proposed incorporation; it has become a messy political fight.

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