Saturday, November 14, 2009

Barack Obama Disgraces America During Asia Trip, Bows Deeply Before Japan's Emperor Akihito

Photo from Stormfront

If you're an American patriot, the spectacle pictured above should make your blood boil. Particularly if you are a World War II vet who fought in the Pacific Theater. This is how Barack Obama greeted Japan's Emperor Akihito on the first leg of his trip to Asia. Read this Washington Post article to find out more about Obama's objectives and challenges on this trip.

The bow pictured above is not a bow of respect between two equal heads of state. It is a bow from an inferior to a superior. And of course, Emperor Akihito did not reciprocate.

Look at it! The SOB is damn near completely bent over at the waist! Good Lord, you'd think he was getting in shape for the next Folsom Street Fair. Read the accompanying story in the Los Angeles Times. Watch the 19-second sequence on YouTube:

This is not the first time Barack Obama has bowed low to a foreign head of state. Another instance is pictured below:

During a visit to Saudi Arabia earlier this year, Barack Obama bowed deeply to King Abdullah as well. According to Miss Manners, one does not bow or curtsy to a foreign monarch because the gesture symbolizes recognition of the monarch's power over his subjects. If Obama really wanted to show respect to these foreign heads of state, a simple neck bow would do - a bow between equals.

Not the bow of submission you see pictured twice above.


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