Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Anchorage Daily News Providing Excerpts Of Sarah Palin's Book, "Going Rogue"; Will Appear In Salt Lake City On December 9th

Update November 19th: Sarah Palin has just included Salt Lake City on her book tour; post title changed to reflect this information.

Interested in finding out what's in Sarah Palin's new book, "Going Rogue", before you buy it? You're in luck. The Anchorage Daily News has posted numerous short excerpts from the book on their Alaska Politics blog.

Some of the more interesting subjects include her perspective on former gubernatorial opponent Andrew Halcro, who is officially in the race against incumbent Congressman Don Young, as well as the ethics witch-hunt to which she was subjected. About Halcro, she writes, “Halcro was a wealthy, effete young chap who had taken over his father’s local Avis Rent A Car, and he starred in his own car commercials”, and “Later on, during the vice presidential campaign, Halcro – along with the Wasilla town crier mentioned previously, plus the falafel lady Andree McLeod – would be touted as “expert” sources on all things Palin by the national press”. Halcro has since posted his own response HERE.

About the ethics witch-hunt, Palin writes “the sheer volume of paperwork and legally required responses brought the business of governing the State of Alaska to a grinding halt...Eventually it overwhelmed us – and was obviously meant to.” Palin also blamed the "one-sided public discourse" over the ethics complaints for a drop in her Alaska approval ratings from nearly 90 percent to 56 percent. "Slowly and steadily, my record, my administration's efforts, and my family's reputation were shot to hell." Although the ethics witch-hunt did take on a particularly vindictive character, Palin fails to mention her own role as a catalyst by her initial inept handling of the Troopergate issue, which provided her political enemies with the opening they needed.

Already a number of pundits have started "fact-checking" the book, and have found at least 12 points of dispute. The New York Times published the results of the "fact-check" HERE on November 13th.

Numerous people have already weighed in on the book. There are currently over 400 ratings and 32 reviews published on the Barnes & Noble website. Reviews are also posted on Amazon.com, the New York Daily News, and the Los Angeles Times.

Originally, it was still unknown whether or not the Beehive State will become a stop on Palin's ongoing book tour. Palin previously said she was going to avoid the big multicultural cesspools and focus on the smaller cities. Since Utah does not have any multicultural "cesspools" per se, there's no reason why she shouldn't include the Beehive State on her itinerary, and she has now done so. Her tour starts in the Midwest, goes East, then South, and then back West. Here's the latest published itinerary, according to LALate, augmented by Texas4Palin and Gateway Pundit (some of the info is also posted on Palin's Facebook page):

-- 11/18: Grand Rapids, MI - Barnes & Noble, Woodland Mall, 3670 28th St SE, Kentwood, 7 PM
-- 11/19: Fort Wayne, IN - Meijer - 10301 Maysville Rd, Fort Wayne (
-- 11/19: Noblesville, IN - Borders Books and Music, 13145 Levinson Lane, 7 PM
-- 11/20: Cincinnati, OH - Joseph-Beth Booksellers, 2692 Madison Rd, Norwood, Noon
-- 11/20: Columbus, OH - Borders Books and Music, 6670 Sawmill Road, 6 PM
-- 11/21: Washington, PA - Sam’s Club, 80 Trinity Point Drive, South Strabane
-- 11/21: Rochester, NY - Borders Books and Music, 1000 Hylan Drive, Henrietta, 7 PM
-- 11/22: Roanoke, VA - Barnes & Noble, 4811 Valley View Blvd N NW, Valley View Mall 12 Noon,
-- 11/23: Fort Bragg, NC - AAFES Post Exchange, Bldg. #8-5050 Butner Rd, North Post Mall
-- 11/23: Birmingham, AL - Books-A-Million, 757 Brookwood Village, Birmingham, 7 PM
-- 11/24: Jacksonville, FL - Books-A-Million, 1910 Wells Road, Orange Park, Noon
-- 11/24: The Villages, FL - Barnes & Noble, 1055 Old Camp Road, Lake Sumter Mkt Sq, 4 PM
-- 11/24: Orlando, FL - Barnes & Noble, Colonial Plaza, 2418 East Colonial Drive, 7PM
-- 11/26 - 11/29: Thanksgiving Break
-- 11/30: Richland, WA TBA
-- 12/01: Tempe, AZ - Costco, 1445 W Elliot Rd, Tempe, AZ, 11 AM
-- 12/01: Roswell, NM - Hastings Books Music & Videos, 1705 N Main St, Roswell, NM, 5 PM
-- 12/02: Springfield, MO - Borders Books and Music, 3300 S. Glenstone Ave, 10 AM
-- 12/03: Fayetteville, AR - Sam’s Club, 3081 North Highway 112 at I-540, exit 66, 11 AM
-- 12/03, Oklahoma City, OK - Hastings Books, 2300 West Main Street, Norman, OK, 7 PM
-- 12/04: Dallas, TX - Legacy Books, 7300 Dallas Parkway, Plano, 11AM - 2 PM,
-- 12/04: Fort Hood, TX, AAFES Main Exchange, Building 50004, Clear Creek Rd, 76544 7 PM
-- 12/06: Sioux City, IA - Barnes & Noble, Southern Hills Mall, 4400 Sergeant Rd, 1PM
-- 12/06: Sioux Falls, SD - Barnes & Noble, 3700 West 41st St, Sioux Falls, 5PM
-- 12/07: Bloomington, MN - Barnes & Noble, 118 East Broadway Suite 238, Mall of America, 7 PM
-- 12/08: Billings, MT - Borders Books, 2833 King AVE W, 59102, (406) 656-0855, 12 Noon
-- 12/08: Colorado Springs, CO - Borders Books, 1710 Briargate Blvd, Chapel Hills Mall, 7 PM
-- 12/09: Salt Lake City, UT - Costco, 1818 S 300 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84115, 12 Noon
-- 12/09: Reno, NV - Costco, Building 25 2200 Harvard Way Reno, NV 89502, (775) 689-2200, 7 PM
-- 12/10: Coeur d'Alene, ID - Fred Meyer, 560 W Kathleen Ave, (208) 665-4703
-- 12/10: Sandpoint, ID - TBA
-- 12/11: Home to Alaska

Other venues may be planned, but not yet been specified.

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