Sunday, October 25, 2009

Idaho Power County Jail Escapee Rodolfo Ortega Back In Custody, Gilberto Delgado Re-Captured October 26th In Chubbuck, Idaho

Update October 26th: Gilberto Delgado now back in custody, recaptured in Chubbuck, Idaho.

Of the two Power County Jail inmates who escaped earlier on October 25th, 2009, one of them, Rodolfo Ortega, is back in custody, but the other, Gilberto Delgado (pictured above), is still at large and could be hiding in the American Falls area of southern Idaho.

KIFI Channel 8 reports that Rodolfo Ortega and Gilberto Delgado broke out of the Power County Jail in American Falls around 10:30 A.M. on October 25th. The two inmates were in the Rec Room and one of them, Delgado, wanted to go to the library. A female deputy took Delgado to the library, where he locked himself inside. When the deputy went to unlock the library, Ortega knocked her down, then the two pulled her into the library and took her keys away from her. After stealing her keys, both Delgado and Ortega took off. They managed to get their street clothes, change, and escape through the library door. They left their jail clothes on the floor and the deputy locked inside. Another inmate heard the deputy calling for help and alerted dispatch, who sent officers to the scene.

Ortega was captured around 7 P.M. Sunday at the Grand Cascade Apartments in American Falls. But a massive search continues for Gilberto "Hippie" Delgado. Delgado is considered violent and dangerous; a $300,000 felony warrant has been issued for the arrest of Delgado. He is facing felony escape and felony battery on a law enforcement officer charges. Originally arrested on Saturday October 24th around 3 A.M. and charged with burglary, criminal trespassing, domestic assault and felony stalking, he also has a past criminal history of four counts of spousal abuse, two counts of escape, three counts of false imprisonment, eluding a police officer, injury to a child, and statutory rape. Delgado is described as 6 feet tall and 200 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. He was last seen wearing Levis and a black long sleeve shirt.

Delgado could hole up in southern Idaho, or he might try to make his way south. It's possible he could hitchhike or even steal a car and head south on I-15 to Salt Lake, where he might try to blend in with the Hispanic community. Law enforcement recommends that people don't try to approach him, but to call 911.

Update October 26th: Delgado was re-captured in Chubbuck, Idaho. Police said he was spotted trying to break into a home and then running from police.

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