Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ex-Mormon Calendar Boy Chad Hardy Finds Some "Hot Mormon Muffins" To Provide Companionship To His "Men On A Mission"; Tami Roberts Speaks Out

Famous calendar boy Chad Hardy, who was excommunicated from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on July 13th, 2008 in part because of his provocative "Men On A Mission" calendar featuring returned missionaries in various states of undress (strictly from the waist up), is not only back with a fresh batch of "Men On A Mission", but has also found some "Hot Mormon Muffins" to provide some female companionship. Media stories from the Salt Lake Tribune and KIFI Channel 8 in Idaho Falls. More information about the calendars is available on Hardy's MormonsExposed website.

But the main subject of this post is one of the "Muffins" herself. Tami Roberts, a 35-year-old woman from Idaho Falls, agreed to pose on the calendar and to talk to the media about it. Roberts is no fashionably dissident avant-garde Sunstone Saint or New Order Mormon; she's an active Mormon who has been married 17 years to an active LDS man and has three daughters, ages 11, 9 and 4. The family attends church, and Roberts said she's raising her kids with LDS values. Roberts said her turn as a calendar model was an accident. In 2008, she read news reports about Hardy and his disciplinary problems with the church and BYU. She applied for the job on a whim after she heard a women's version of the calendar was in the works. KIFI news video embedded below:

Roberts concedes that the slightly revealing outfits may not necessarily be in keeping with the message of modesty promoted by the Church, but she's not ashamed of the pictures, and considers them tasteful. I concur with this assessment; while the pictures are attractive, they are hardly erotic. Beauty is one of many assets bestowed upon women, some more than others, and there is no reason why it cannot be tastefully displayed. Although the LDS Church has not officially reacted to the new calendar, based upon the experiences of the previous batch of men who posed for the other calendars, it is possible that some of the ladies may be called in by their bishops to explain themselves, but it is unlikely that they will face Church discipline. As a matter of fact, no one connected with this enterprise has received Church discipline except for Chad Hardy himself.

Chad Hardy and those who pose for his calendars also give back to the community. Men on a Mission donates a portion of the proceeds from each calendar sold directly to charity; the men select a charity of their choice. Hardy also intends to donate a share of his profits from the Muffins calendar to breast cancer research.

Hardy was excommunicated from the LDS Church on July 13th, 2008 after several attempts to resolve the issues without discipline. After Hardy publicized his excommunication, senior Las Vegas-area stake president Frank E. Davie disclosed that the calendar wasn't the only issue; his sustained inactivity also contributed to the decision. He was accused of not keeping various covenants, which is considered more serious for a Church member who holds the Melchizedek Priesthood (the highest priesthood) than for other members. Not only had Hardy been inactive in the Church for the past six years, but he had also ceased to pay tithing or wear the sacred undergarments. This implied to the leadership that he no longer valued formal membership in the Church. For the reasons specified, the excommunication was on the level.

Chad Hardy describes his personal trials on his other website HERE. In July 2008, Chad Hardy had finally completed his independent study courses to fulfill his graduation requirements. Despite being excommunicated on July 13th, BYU permitted Hardy to walk commencement on August 15th, 2008 in preparation for receiving his BA in Communications Studies. Then suddenly, in early October 2008, Hardy was blindsided with a letter dated September 30 from Norm B. Finlinson, Executive Director of Student Academic and Advisement Services, informing him that he had been deleted from the August 2008 graduation list and would not be awarded a degree because his excommunication indicated that he had not complied with BYU's honor code at the time the degree was posted.

This latter issue is more troubling because at the very least, if BYU did not want to be "associated" with Chad Hardy by giving him a diploma, they should have released his credits so he could transfer them to another school and get his degree that way. It's true that his BYU education was subsidized by the LDS Church, since he paid the lower Mormon tuition rate, but he still paid in part, and now has nothing for his money. If you pay for a product, you rightfully expect to get that product. Hardy was planning to sue BYU, but lack of funds have put this effort indefinitely on hold.


Nathan Raeburn Kennard said...

Interesting and well written story. The embedded video makes clear that the calendar 'Cover Girl' is a pretty woman.

The news report was interesting. I hope this story grows legs and fulfills at least in part a stated purpose of the calendar creator, to break down stereotypes.

Rebecca said...

I think everyone involved in the calenders should be excommunicated. I'm 16 and think this is ridiculous. I also think that the church should do more about those people that do things like this. Non-mormons don't know what I'm talking about but active mormons know what is right and wrong and we all know what they did exceeded the boundaries!! Your not mormon anymore if you do things like kill someone or something so public like this that it gives other mormons a bad name!!!

A Different Rebecca said...

To Rebecca: Well, since non-Mormons clearly have no idea what you're talking about, nor do they have the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, I guess I'll have to keep my mouth shut on about this. :x Oops. I guess I should also stop being a decent person, you know, since I can't tell the difference between right and wrong, since I'm not a Mormon. Right? Ha. :)

Anonymous said...

hold me as i am about to fall flat...mormon thing....i am sorry to be so narrow minded but i cannot possibly comprehend how a person who believes in a book written by a well known con artist,drunk and openly greedy "dude"-how can this person be intelligent.just a quick recap of the names he uses in his "masterpiece" more than hints that it is a fake!!!!!names straight from philip k.dick's story(absurd and bizarre included)....hhhmmmm...

Anonymous said...

Joseph Smith he was a profit dumb dumb dumb dumb!