Monday, September 14, 2009

Vandalism And Threats Against Opponents Of Powder Mountain Incorporation In Utah Continue; Weber County Sheriff Deploys Extra Patrols

Vandalism and personal threats against residents living near the Powder Mountain ski resort, first posted back on August 11th, are escalating, so much so that the Weber County Sheriff's Department is getting involved. In addition, KSTU Channel 13 picked up the story:


There have been a steady stream of threats directed against opponents of incorporation. One unknown person threatened to punch out a girl. Another unknown person threatened a man's wife with physical harm. Another person received a rather bizarre text message, in which the sender threatened to "throw the recipient in the deep end of Pineview (Reservoir) to see if he can swim to shore". And incidences of sign vandalization continue. The Weber County Sheriff's Department has deployed extra patrols into the area.

The Ogden Valley Forum has also picked up on this story, and provides some extra local insight. The issue centers around whether or not to turn the area around the Powder Mountain resort into its own town, leading to possible expansion of the resort. The 120 residents incorporated fear they would have to bear the bulk of the property tax burden. A 2007 law since repealed allows for grandfathered incorporation without any election.

One of the biggest concerns is that the sole access road to Powder Mountain, State Hwy 158, may be inadequate to handle an increase in traffic. Area residents saw a dress rehearsal of this problem during the recent Powder Mountain Motocross. One resident said the traffic on the access road was just like I-15 during rush hour. But there was more than just inconvenience - there was tragedy, as well. On August 30th, one RV towing a 24-foot trailer containing ATVs lost its brakes while coming back down the road. It rolled, killing one occupant and injuring the other two. And that was on a dry road during summertime. Imagine the effect during winter - with patches of black ice. The grade on the road is 13 percent in places.

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