Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sean Hannity Interviews Former Ohio Congressman James Traficant; Traficant Reiterates Criticism Of Israeli Domination Of Congress

Of the major national broadcast media outlets, the Fox News Channel was the first to allow former Ohio Congressman James Traficant to tell his story. His first interview was with Greta Van Susteren back on September 10th, 2009.

And on September 29th, neocon host Sean Hannity interviewed him as well. Initially, Traficant proclaimed his desire to get back at the Department of Justice and the Internal Revenue Service for railroading him, and suggested that getting elected to Congress might be a good way to accomplish this goal. But then Hannity got to the raw meat - Israel. Hannity brought up the statements Traficant made on September 10th about Israeli domination of Congress for the purpose of getting Traficant to "recant". Hannity even played the "anti-Semite" card to put more pressure on Traficant. Read the written transcript of the interview HERE.

But James Traficant wasn't about to back down - and didn't. He reiterated those remarks, as you can see on this WNTube video of the segment posted below:

While researching this post, I also found that Traficant was interviewed by Chris Matthews on NBC's Hardball program very recently. Topics included AIPAC, the IRS, and the John Demjanjuk case. YouTube video of interview embedded below:

Hannity may have once characterized Traficant as "his favorite Democrat", but that may be out the window now, and he is unlikely to be back on the program. What was so disgusting is the way Hannity shamelessly played the anti-Semitic card, when Traficant clearly indicated that if Israel was militarily attacked, he would support American assistance.

James Traficant is NOT anti-Semitic. He simply believes that we should pursue a more balanced foreign policy in the Middle East, and that our gross tilt towards Israel is one major factor which has encouraged Islamofascist terror attacks against Americans and their property. Of course, many Islamofascists would be opposed to the U.S. without the Israeli factor, since some of them want to subjugate the entire world to Islam. But our pronounced tilt towards Israel provides persuasive grist for the Islamofascist propaganda mill and facilitates their recruitment of jihadis.

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