Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Police Impersonators Stage Home Invasion In Ogden, Utah; Nickolas Montoya In Custody, Two Others Sought

The job of law enforcement SWAT teams nationwide just got more dangerous; now the public will have more reason to doubt their authenticity thanks to three police impersonators who staged a home invasion in Ogden, Utah. Luckily, no one got hurt, and one of the perps has been caught. Media stories from the Ogden Standard-Examiner and KSL Channel 5.

On September 29th 2009, three men, using a sledgehammer, stormed through the back door of a home on the 100 block of Patterson Street about 1:51 A.M. The men were wearing dark hoodies and blue bandanas over their faces to hide their identities. The men were in their 20s; two had sawed-off shotguns and one had a pistol. When the home occupants confronted them, the perps said they were police officers and wanted all the guns, drugs and money.

However, one of the six people in the house at the time had a cell phone, and was able to successfully call 911. Shortly thereafter, police responded and cordoned off the neighborhood, but two of the perps had already fled on foot empty-handed. But one of the perps was caught. One Hispanic man, Nickolas Mathew Montoya, 28, was arrested after attempting to drive away from the scene, after an officer noticed his vehicle leaving a nearby alley without headlights and pulled it over on the 3100 block of Lincoln Avenue. Officers found hallucinogenic mushrooms, methamphetamine and a sawed-off shotgun in Montoya’s vehicle.

Montoya was booked into jail on a host of charges, including aggravated burglary, possession of various illegal drugs and paraphernalia, impersonating a police officer, possession of burglary tools, and driving without headlights. He was also booked on possession of a firearm by a restricted person, possession of a concealed loaded weapon, and carrying an illegally altered firearm. And to no one's surprise, Montoya is also currently facing drug charges in connection with a separate incident in South Ogden last January.

Police theorize that the perps intentionally targeted the house, but were actually looking for the former residents, who allegedly had drug connections. The current residents just recently moved in, and no drugs were in the house. Good thing this didn't happen in South Salt Lake, or the homeowners would have been given the D.J. Bell treatment and busted for resisting arrest.

In the course of researching this post, I found an interesting Utah-oriented crime website, UtahAndAmerica'sGangCrisis, which publicizes gang-related activity in Utah. The editor has devoted considerable time and effort to exposing gang activity in the Beehive State. Another related website just discovered is UtahPublicSafetySupport.

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