Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ogden High School Defensive Coordinator Ian Eyre Accused Of Directing Racial Slur Towards Black Bonneville High Football Player; Charges Denied

Ogden High School defensive coordinator Ian Eyre has been accused of directing a racial slur towards Devin Mickles, a black football player from Bonneville High School during a tightly contested 7-6 Bonneville victory over crosstown rival Ogden on Friday September 25th, 2009. Media stories published by the Salt Lake Tribune and KSTU Channel 13.

The complaint does not appear to have been registered by Mickles himself, but by a bystander who allegedly heard the slur. Jason Finder, a mixed-race man who is also the Bonneville boys basketball coach, was working the chains as a sideline official during the game. During the second half, Mickles, a defensive back, made a bone-jarring hit on an Ogden player, and stood over him in a taunting manner. The entire Tigers coaching staff wanted a flag thrown on Mickles, a flag that never came. Ian Eyre then allegedly made the slur, which has not been specified by any media outlet. Finder then documented the incident in a letter he sent to Bonneville football coach Matt Williams, triggering the investigation. The Ogden athletic director also intends to investigate.

In the letter, Finder wrote, "Being a head coach myself, I can understand that during a heated game, you can sometimes get caught up in the moment... . But by saying the word in the manner he did was totally disrespectful to the Bonneville player, myself and the other black players on the Ogden High School Football team". The wording implies that Finder is part-black.

Eric Eyre, the Ogden head football coach who is also Ian's brother, vehemently denied the accusation. He pointed to the large number of minority players who are on his own roster, and the fact that he and his brother live with a minority player -- proof, he said, that his brother wouldn't say such a thing. A number of Ogden players also came to Ian's defense, as shown in the KSTU video embedded below:

This is the second controversy the Ogden program has faced this season. Eric Eyre was suspended for two games earlier in the year because of an incident where he got into a confrontation with the school band. But just because both the Eyres have a reputation for being a bit motivated and passionate about their profession doesn't mean they use racial slurs.

Demographics on the two schools from Schoolbug:

-- Bonneville: Out of a student population of 1,494:
---- Amer Indian: 7
---- Asian: 31
---- Black: 17
---- Hispanic: 92
---- White: 1,347

-- Ogden: Out of a student population of 1,638:
---- Amer Indian: 26
---- Asian: 29
---- Black: 56
---- Hispanic: 548
---- White: 979

In Shakespearean terms, this is basically "much ado about nothing". It occurred during the heat of a game, it was a one-time bad deal, the Bonneville player himself isn't going into NAACP mode and raising a stink about it, and the matter should be dropped. It's time to quit witch-hunting society for "racism". It's amazing how much "racism" the Left is finding ever since Barack Obama got elected, but everyone knows by now that the Left doesn't use charges of racism to expose "racism", but merely to silence criticism and disguise their own racism.

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