Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lehi, Utah City Councilman Mark Johnson Creates VoteLehi.Info Website As Candidate Information Clearinghouse For 2009 Lehi Municipal Election

This post will be primarily of interest only to residents of Lehi, Utah, but it's intended to publicize a selfless and commendable effort by a Lehi City Councilman to consolidate and present all pertinent information on mayoral and city council candidates in the upcoming 2008 municipal primary and general elections. Media story from the Provo Daily Herald.

Lehi City Councilman Mark Johnson has created the website as an information clearinghouse. He lists each candidate for elective office, along with a short paragraph authored by each candidate describing their backgrounds and/or platforms. The only caveat - no criticism of rivals is permitted. Candidates use this service merely to promote their own candidacies rather than tear down their rivals' candidacies.

There are three candidates for mayor and eight city council candidates. One of the mayoral candidates, Howard Johnson, is the incumbent; two of the city council candidates, Johnny Barnes and Stephen Holbrook, are incumbents. The primary election takes place on September 15th, and the general election on November 3rd. There are some important issues affecting Lehi in the future, to include the proposed widening of I-15 through town and creating more direct traffic access from Lehi to the west side communities of Saratoga Springs and Eagle Mountain. Since these will also entail right-of-way issues, Lehi residents will find it prudent to become educated on these candidates and to vote in these elections.

By the way, Johnson created and maintains the site at HIS OWN EXPENSE. Not only is the site NOT affiliated with the official City of Lehi website, but the City of Lehi website posts no link to it. The link to will now be posted on the sidebar of this blog, under the heading "Utah Information Sites".


Anonymous said...

During the last city election, Mark Johnson used this website to pretty much bash his opponents. And if I remember right, in the end only two candidates (Mark Johnson and Johnny Revil) decided to stay on his website. The other incumbent didn’t want to be a part of it. Is it “selfless” to want to control the flow of information? Not in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

The 4.25 Million Dollar Transger of funds in Lehi Utah has now gone around the world and the Utah Taxpayers Association will be making a statement soon:

Here are some of the links to the story produced by Robert Paisola for Western Capital Multimedia USA






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Robert Paisola CEO said...

Let me promise you my friends that we have not even begun to provide you with the rest of the story. We have the Raw Tapes and many documents that these gentlemen will have to answer to under lights of the NATIONAL MEDIA... NOT KSL!