Friday, August 28, 2009

Another Bad Teacher: Douglas Bullock Arrested On 12 Felony Charges Of Homosexual Sodomy With 16-Year-Old Boy In St. George, Utah

Update August 29th: The newest St. George Spectrum story has now identified the complainant as being 16 rather than 17. Consequently, I have edited the title of this post to reflect the change.

It seems like "bad teacher events" make the news in Utah every week nowadays. Just last week, on August 19th, 2009, former Millard High School teacher Kenneth Gillins pleaded guilty to five felony counts related to sexual abuse of a minor. On August 21st, Melissa Andreini, a special ed teacher at Helper Junior High in Helper, Utah, was charged with three counts of sexual abuse of a minor after she allegedly paid a 15-year-old boy $1,400 to have sex with her. Indeed, today a judge ruled that another case involving former Bountiful Jr. High teacher Valynne Bowers can now proceed to trial.

Now another "bad" teacher has possibly been uncovered in St. George, Utah. The St. George Spectrum reports that Bloomington Hills Elementary School teacher Douglas Bullock was arrested on Thursday August 27th, 2009, and has been charged with 12 counts of sodomy with a minor, a class three felony in Utah. Each charge carries a $5,000 bond. Story also picked up by KSL Channel 5, the Deseret News, the Salt Lake Tribune, and KTVX Channel 4. An August 29th Spectrum story now reports that the complainant is an unnamed 16-year-old boy. Preliminary evidence indicates no force or coercion was used. Bullock has since posted $60,000 bond and is free pending a September 4th court appearance in 5th District Court in St. George.

Lyle Cox, the human resource director for the Washington County School District, issued the following statement:

“We are aware of the arrest of Douglas Bullock, a teacher at Bloomington Hills Elementary School in Washington County School District, and are very concerned about the charges. Mr. Bullock has been placed on administrative leave pending a full investigation. It is our understanding that no elementary school students were involved in the criminal activity leading to the charges. We assure the public the district will take whatever action is appropriate and necessary to ensure the safety and welfare of our students.”

District officials also believe that no elementary school students were involved so far. Bullock has a Facebook page HERE. I also found a school profile on Bullock HERE; he is listed as part of the Fifth Grade Team.

One person who knows Bullock has already posted a comment to the Spectrum story:

cneilson wrote:

Doug is a amazing man! A wonderful Teacher, I worked with him for 4 years at his other job and also helped him out in his class room for a year and a half when I was in high school. HE IS THE MOST WONDERFUL teacher i have ever meet. I changed my son school because of him... Wow this breaks my heart.
8/28/2009 10:29:38 AM

More pertinent information is now streaming in via the comments on KSL:

Bloomington hills is not an easy school to get a teaching position at
by Ann B. @ 2:59pm - Fri Aug 28th, 2009
Mr Bullock had been there for years, as well as most of the staff. The school had been luckier then most st george area schools because it does not struggle with the ESL, and social issues alot of other schools struggle with, adding the highest tests scores in the area and strong parental invovlement make it a place teachers want to teach at. Each year there would might only be 1 position open and many teachers trying to get the job. The school was not like dixie downs, or east struggling with issues and trying to hire "anyone". The school did not do any new hires fresh out of college or with no experience, just experienced teachers, I believe the teacher with the least experience is 8 years? but most have 20+ years.

(No Subject)
Ann B. @ 2:05pm - Fri Aug 28th, 2009
I believe he has been teaching for 20 years or very close to that so he was not some new hire. He was one of the more requested teachers by parents (I have kids at this school). He was pretty open (at least) to me about his sexuality. If you look at the school's website and see his pictures, he wore very trendy clothes and had some wild hair (I was surprised so well accepted at the school).

My kids go to this school
Ann B. @ 1:58pm - Fri Aug 28th, 2009
I have kids at this school, and first of all almost didn't recognize the picture of Mr. Bullock. I talked with him 2 days ago so I know what he looks like.
Mr Bullock was gay. Bloomington hills elementary is the highest rated elementary in southern utah. the students are from some of the most conservative lds backgrounds. Parents seemed to love Mr. Bullock and I was surprised about strict lds families wanting their child to be taught by someone who was gay. The repeated answer was what a great teacher he was. My kids were not in his class but his website was by far the best of any teacher, better then the school's website.

I do not believe Mr. Bullock ever claimed to be LDS but I could be wrong.

KSL's story is a bit short. He was arrested for sodomy of someone aged 16-18 so it was not an elementary school student(not trying to lessen what he did or is accused of but trying to list the facts.

Also the school has replaced him already. A new teacher is starting next tuesday.

Being "wonderful" and "amazing" seem to be common attributes of teachers who start romping with the students. Most seem to have a unique ability to "connect" with students and parents. They're like Pied Pipers; in the case of Michael Pratt, they even develop a cult following.

But where in the world do they get the idea it's O.K. to have sex with students???


Anonymous said... seems to me that people in this country are forgetting that you are innocent until proven guilty. If you are going to slam this guy maybe you should have all of the evidence first. No matter what this guys life has been ruined...lets just hope that this 17 yr old kid isn't lying. Because that never happens right?

Deseret Dawg said...

Nobody's "slamming" this guy. This is simply a report about a teacher who's been arrested and charged, although there are some commenters on the KSL story who've already tried and convicted him.

There are some, like Jose Fanjul, who are falsely charged and ultimately exonerated. However, there are far more cases where the charges are substantiated.

Keep your mind open to the possibility that he might actually be guilty.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!!! i am an 11 year old that goes now to sunrise 6th grade!!!! I did not have him in forth but we were great friends (me with mr. bullock) I would never have thought that he would do this he was an awsome teacher.I always knew he was gay, and he never mentioned it though and he did not like talking about it eaither but i can not blive it! I am so disipointed!!!!

Deseret Dawg said...

Anonymous 11:39 A.M. - Yes, it is disappointing, but at least he didn't do anything wrong with you. You're lucky.

It still remains to be seen how this all plays out. After the Jose Fanjul case, I don't want to throw this guy to the wolves. But if an adult male is willing to have sex with a 16-year-old boy without ensuring he's of legal age, it does not promote confidence in the integrity of the gay community. Perhaps the practice of allowing Gay-Straight Clubs on our high school campuses ought to be reconsidered.

Anonymous said...

I believe that what Doug did was not right. But I do believe at 16 we are old enough to make our own decision. I know at 16 I was old enough to make my own decisions and I had to live with my choices. Dougs life has been ruined by this. None of should judge him based on what we hear in the news, We do not know the entire story we only hear what they want us to.

Amanda said...

Doug was my fourth grade teacher four years ago, and I don't believe he would do something like this. He was my FAVORITE teacher and I was actually ahead in school because of him. I really hope this doesn't ruin the rest of his life-- he's an amazing man.

Carrie said...

I work with Doug at one of his job'a and he is an AMAZING man!! He has a heart bigger than alot of people. So, until you know EXACTLLY what was going on at the time.. PLEASE.. Do NOT judge him!! He really is A sweetheart;-)

Jenna said...

Mr.Bullock was a great fifth grade teacher. in fact i as in his class, i was supprised when i heard. My friend told me but i knew he wouldn't do anything like that. I was so sad and dissapointed that he would do such a thing.

Anonymous said...

Doug's friends and coworkers know one side of him very well, and that's the side that he wants others to see. What his friends and coworkers did not see were the pornographic videos, the sexual paraphernalia and the other things in his home. They didn't see the way that Bullock told this boy to meet him at Dixie rock, the way that Bullock leaned in to kiss him within their first meeting and all the times that Bullock had the boy come to his house for sex. How Bullock had the boy lie to his father and family about what was happening. In summary Bullocks friends, family, and co-workers failed to see the way that Bullock sexually exploited this younger insecure boy.

-Former sixteen year old boy

P.S. This comment was directed at those who came to the sentencing on Douglas' behalf, who filled the courtroom, and who stood to say that they thought Douglas was a wonderful man who did not deserve to be tried and punished like others who break the law, specifically those who sexually exploit 16-17 year olds. This comment is to all of those who seem to lack proper perspective.