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Two Gay Men Kissing On LDS-Owned Main Street Plaza In Salt Lake Arrested For Trespassing; Now Whining About So-Called "Discrimination"

Update July 17th: LDS Church releases updated statement showing the two "gay kissers" were doing a lot more than kissing. Verified by other sources. Updated post HERE.

Update July 30th: Trespassing charges dropped on July 29th, surveillance video released July 30th. Updated post HERE.

On Thursday July 9th, 2009, two homosexuals who were kissing each other on Main Street Plaza in Salt Lake City were arrested for trespassing after refusing to leave the premises - and now they're crying "discrimination".

Derek Jones, 25 and his partner Matthew Aune, 28 were walking through the plaza late Thursday night holding hands. When they started kissing each other, security guards asked them to leave. The Plaza is owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and like any other private property owner, they have the right to control behavior on and access to their property.

However, the two nancy-boys refused to respect the Church's private property rights. According to a statement released by the Church, the couple was "asked to stop engaging in inappropriate behavior just as any other couple would have been. They became argumentative and used profanity and refused to leave the property. They were arrested and then given a citation for criminal trespass by SLPD." Other reports state that the security guards physically subdued and cuffed the two to detain them until police arrived.

Salt Lake Police Sgt. Robin Snyder said, "We were called at about 10:25 p.m. by LDS security to come over to their property where two males were in custody for refusing to leave the property," explained Salt Lake police Sgt. Robin Snyder said. The couple was cited for trespassing. Snyder says the law allows the owner of a property to kick someone out for any reason. "A property owner has the right to ask someone to leave their property. If they do not leave that property, then they have violated an ordinance, a Salt Lake City ordinance, which is trespassing. So, the police became involved," Snyder said. It would have been a different story had it been a public park. KSL news video embedded below:

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Additional stories published by the Deseret News, the Salt Lake Tribune, and KTVX Channel 4. Discussion has even spread to the Vanguard News Network Forum. Also of note is the fact that Derek Jones is an advertising account manager for the Salt Lake City Weekly, an alternative paper sometimes desperate for news and reach in a competitive media environment. City Weekly's story is HERE.

But Jones paints a different picture, and in the process, reveals that they were trying to make a political statement and deliberately provoking a confrontation. On the BlueInRedZion blog, Jones wrote: "This especially irked the both of us because having walked through on a frequent basis (we often walk to work through there) and every time I have been through there are either marriage ceremonies going on, young Mormon couples cuddling in front the fountain, hugging, holding hands, etc. Matt then tried to get them to admit they were singling us out because they just didn't approve of ‘gay' public displays of affection, baiting them into revealing their bigotry." There are two separate posts dealing with this issue; HERE and HERE.

So they openly admit they were merely trying to bait and provoke the Church rather than resolve a dispute. This exposes the moral bankruptcy and crass opportunism of the gay rights movement, and shows why we must not compromise with them, but continue to ratchet up the ante against them as much as possible. I'm glad the Utah State Legislature had the moral courage to stand firm and refuse to pass any of the Common Ground initiatives during the 2009 session. The behavior of these two nancy-boys shows they do not deserve such consideration; not only do they lack the maturity to handle it properly, but will use it as an excuse to demand even more concessions from us in the future. We must not allow these people to use our sense of justice and fairness against us to trip our guilt levers.

A witness to the event posted the following comment on this BlueInRedZion post, asserting it was far more than "just a kiss":

  1. Derek Says:

    How funny that these guys try to claim that they were victims. I witnessed the whole thing. First of all, these two gentlemen did much more then hold hands and kiss, they were completely all over each other. Second of all they were given ample opportunities to leave, these security guards told them politely they could stay on this easement as long as they weren’t all over each other. The two men turned things around quickly, they were drunk and completely obnoxious and rude to the security guards, cussing at them and calling them all sorts of names. That’s when they arrested them for trespassing not kissing. Funny how these two “victims” claim to be victimized, when in reality they were just picking a fight, and wanted some attention which they got.

On the SOS Anchorage website, I discovered a report entitled "The Overhauling of Straight America". Written by a couple of gay activists back in 1987, it outlined the long term six-step strategy the gay rights movement would use to promote and normalize homosexuality in America.


Just about all of this has come to pass. SOS Anchorage is operated by Anchorage Baptist Temple Pastor Jerry Prevo, who is one of the leaders of a pro-family campaign to stop passage of a gay nondiscrimination ordinance in Anchorage, Alaska. The local LDS Church leadership in Anchorage has wisely taken no official public stance on the issue. The pro-family activists look like they may succeed; the city's new mayor is not considered favorably disposed towards extending special protection to gays.


Dimitri said...

So... what?

Anonymous said...

You twist words, Deseret. You cite Derek J's words on a blog when he asked why they were being singled out as opposed to others who show affection on the square. A sane question, same as you'd ask a cop who pulled you over--hey, what about the cars in front of me? Yet, you term that question as provocation and proof of some type of intent to embarrass the Church. It wasn't and you know it, and you're doing the provoking

Anonymous said...

You're a liar and an obvious homophobe.

Elise said...

Somehow, it seems to me that Derek already knew that the LDS church believes that homosexual behavior is immoral and if nothing else ought to be ashamed of himself for his blatent disrespect of their beliefs on ground they consider to be Holy. What's he going to do next? Go roast and eat a pig at the local synagog?

How can you expect your beliefs to be respected if you engage in behavior like this?