Monday, July 6, 2009

Salt Lake Tribune Smearmeister Glen Warchol Takes Cheap Shot At LDS-Owned Brigham Young University Over Texas Stadium Liquor Policy

So people want to know what's the difference between constructive criticism of the LDS Church vs. slander? Salt Lake Crawlmeister Glen Warchol gives us an example on July 6th, 2009.

Except the Crawlmeister should now be considered a "smearmeister", because his post, entitled "50% moral Cougars" is a deliberate smear of the Church-owned Brigham Young University. He implicitly takes BYU to task for "hypocrisy" because when the Cougars play the Oklahoma Sooners at the new Dallas Cowboys stadium in Arlington, Texas this fall, the stadium will only prohibit the sale of booze for half the game. Alcohol will flow from concessions through halftime and in club areas during the entire game.

Perhaps part of Warchol's motivation stems from information published in this Salt Lake Tribune article, which reveals that BYU will get an estimated $1.5 million in revenue from the game. However, since BYU did not release the information, Dallas Morning News reporter calculated that figure by asking BYU athletic director Tom Holmoe if BYU was getting close to the same amount of money it would get for a home game, which is $1.5 million, according to U.S. Department of Education figures. Holmoe responded affirmatively.

It can be presumed that some of that money will come from alcohol sales. And this is what's got Warchol's panties in a twist, since according to the Princeton Review, BYU students and fans hold the distinction of being the "most stone-cold sober" in the country. So I guess Warchol thinks it is hypocritical for the most stone-cold sober college in the country to accept revenue which may be partly derived from alcohol sales.

Talk about slippery-slope theory. First, it's an NCAA football game we're talking about here, not an LDS Area General Conference. So LDS standards are not going to be enforced. Secondly, BYU has no control over another venue's alcohol policy. Consequently, it really does not matter where the money's coming from, so long as BYU gets their prescribed cut.

Thus, Warchol's snide criticism of BYU is not constructive, but simply another cheap shot against an organization with which he ideologically disagrees. But Glen Warchol doesn't seem too distressed about living in Utah even though he's a chronic critic of the LDS Church; he's an established resident of Salt Lake's historic refinery district. Utah has many "Gentiles" who criticize the LDS Church for its alleged political domination of the state, and they continue to complain about it year after year after year after year...but of course, they never move from the state, though.

The only real controversy about this upcoming BYU-OU game is whether or not the Cougars can hold the Sooners to less than 50 points. Note that I did NOT suggest that the Cougars might actually win the game; if I did, I'd be arrested for TUI (typing under the influence). To be competitive, the Cougars must repair a defense that got shredded by quality teams like TCU and Utah last year.

Now if the Utes were playing the Sooners, that would be a different story.

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Anonymous said...

"love it or leave it" is you solution to the tragic confusion of church and state in utah? ever heard of the Constitution?

And slander? Really? you should take a few breaths before you type, this reads like pure idiocy.